Downside if digital communication


What is Fraud?

Dictionary definition:


wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

"he was convicted of fraud"

Mine: Fraud is when someone tricks or deceves you, there are many ways someone can do this.

How does Fraud happen?

There are a lot of different kinds of Fraud. You can come across it by group messages in your email, by clicking on adds or links on the internet, by buying something on eBay, giving out too much information, page jacking, etc. In the next few slides I'll go into detail about the kinds of fraud and what can happen.

Idenity theft

This is one someone gets access to personal information, this could be through email. They can get ahold of numbers, birthdates, passwords, addresses, account numbers or anything like that. This has happened to two people that I know. One of them got access to their banking account and were able to spend their money. Another happened to my dad, they got into his email but he was able to delete everything before it got bad.


This is what happens when you are trying to go to a website but you get an unexpected one instead. Someone will steal a part of a real website and use it in a fake site. The Internet search engines could be tricked into using the fake or "pagejacked" site and people will visit the fake one instead. The website can have unwanted or offensive material maybe even viruses.

Credit Card Fraud

This is when you input credit card information onto a website that might be selling something, for example you want to buy something off of eBay but it's just a scam. If it's a bad site it will keep your information and use your card and information to make purchases.

how to avoid fraud

Don't give out personal information on the internet.

Find out what you're buying or signing up for and look into it first.

don't click on adds, or "you're the winner!" type deals.

Use common sense and make sure you know what you're doing on the internet.