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January 2020

Acton Elementary

Phone: 862-6108

FAX: 317-862-7251

ATTENDANCE: 317-803-5105

TRANSPORTATION: 317-862-2314



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Hi Acton Families!

If you have not already filled out the needs assessment I created for parents and guardians, you can fill it out here.

By filling out this quick survey, you are helping me determine what classroom guidance lessons you believe your student needs. You are also letting me know if you think your student could benefit from a small group based on their needs.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to discuss anything further please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

Wishing you well,

-Miss Molly Cordes



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This saves you time at the reception desk checking in and helps us prepare for our visitors each day. We would encourage you to pre-register before you volunteer daily, join your student for lunch, AND before coming to the class parties.

Below is the link to pre-register. Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe.


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Please review a few important front office policies:

  • We do our best to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If your child forgets an item and you bring it in, please do not be offended if the front office asks for you to leave the item with them so it can be delivered at an appropriate time.
  • If there is a change in transportation for students at the end of the day, we ask for a hand written note to be sent in with the student so the office may help field the change. There are days the assigned teacher is out and unable to receive emails/dojo/voicemails. This will ensure a live person has the change handled. ~~~We ask that phone calls to change dismissals be made very rarely and we must be notified by a Parent/Guardian BEFORE 3:00 pm.
  • If electronics (cell phones, ipods, gaming systems) are brought into school and removed from backpacks, they will be confiscated by the teacher. A parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the electronic at the front desk.
  • When having lunch with your student in the cafeteria please remember to only have your child sit with you.
  • Morning student drop off must be done in the car rider line. Drop off doors open at 8:35 am in the car rider line and the line closes at 8:50 am
  • Students arriving after 8:50 am MUST be signed in at the front office.
  • Review the Franklin Township policies and procedures for absences on p. 2-3 in the student handbook. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • All visitors must have a photo ID to enter the building.
Just a reminder: School Board policy 5200 regarding appointments. – Parents are encouraged to schedule medical, dental, and other necessary appointments other than during school hours. When appointments are necessary during the school day, the student shall report back to school immediately after the appointment with a signed statement from the doctor, dentist, etc.
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Join us for our upcoming meeting on Jan 9th in the LGI room, at 6:30pm. Officer Rizzi will be going over our safety protocols. Childcare is provided by the YMCA.

Our Acton PTO has a lot of fun things planned for this year. Please take a minute to like/follow the Acton PTO Facebook so you can be sure you won’t miss out!

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Mark Your Calendar....

2019-2020 Music Programs


February 7th – Folk Dance Club Begins

February 11th - 5th Grade Symphony Field Trip


April 30th – Elementary International Fair 6pm-8pm at Kitley Elementary


March 12th @ 6:00pm - Grade 1 Related Arts Night

March 19th @ 6:00 pm - 4th Grade Program

March 19th @ 7:15 pm - 5th Grade Program

TBD (April/May) - Folk Dance Festival

What to know what is going on in music class? Follow us on Facebook!

Facebook: ActonElementaryMusic

Folk Dance Club

Folk Dance Club


Do you love to dance and move…like to sing …enjoy learning about other cultures... need something to do Fridays before school?

Then Folk Dance Club might be for you!

What: A great opportunity for students who like music and moving to have fun learning about other cultures and dance.

Who: Any enthusiastic 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student who displays good behavior and a positive attitude throughout the school.

When: Folk Dance Club will meet on Fridays before school beginning Feb. 7th and going through April 24th. Practices will begin at 7:30am.

Performances: Folk Dance Club will participate in the Indianapolis Children’s Folk Dance Festival on Saturday, April 25th and also perform at the Elementary International Fair at Kitley Elementary on Thursday, April 30th.

Transportation: Students can be dropped off at the front doors beginning at 7:20am. Mrs. Stevenson will be up front to meet you. If you happen to arrive before 7:20, please wait outside the building with your child.

Cost: There is a $15 fee to join this club. This money pays for a t-shirt for the festival and snacks for the festival and International Fair. Payment can be made in cash or check. Checks should be made out to Acton Elementary. If you are in need of scholarship, please indicate on the attached sign-up sheet.

How to Sign-up: Fill out and return the back of this form by January 31st!

Please e-mail or call with any questions.

Mrs. Stevenson

Amanda Stevenson



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Middle School Music programs

Dear 5th Grade Parents,

Welcome back! Although we still have a full semester left here at Acton Elementary, it is time for your child to begin thinking about 6th grade! In the next couple of weeks the 5th grade students will have some exciting opportunities to help them make a decision about their fine arts credit for Middle School. Students interested in a performing ensemble, have the option of joining band, choir, or orchestra.

During music class , the students will have the opportunity to see and touch many of the band and orchestra instruments that they will be able to learn to play. On Tuesday, January 14th, all 5th grade students will be traveling to FTMSE to see a concert featuring the middle school band, choir and orchestra. Seeing these performance groups live in person should give your child an idea of what group they may like to join! On Tuesday, January 21st, the middle school Choir, Orchestra and Band teachers will be coming to Acton to help interested students choose what performance group and which instrument would be best for them. This will happen during the school day. There will be an informational meetings where you will be able to rent your instrument for the school year. The Middle School Band Directors also ask that you please understand that there is a limit on the number of students they can have on percussion and saxophone in order to balance the band. More information on this will be given out by the middle school directors.

Time-line at a glance:

Jan. 14th - 5th grade attends concert at FTMSE

Jan. 21st – Middle School Directors come to Acton to help students choose

performance group and instrument

January 31st – all electronic forms (or paper copies) should be submitted

Feb. 3rd – Parent meeting at FTMSE – 5:30 & 7:00

Feb. 6th – Parent meeting at FTMSW – 5:30 & 7:00

(Only need to attend one meeting)

How do I sign-up?: (Sign-ups must be completed by January 31st)

This year there will be an online sign-up option. The link to the electronic form should be found on the informational sheet for each ensemble. If unable to sign-up online the paper sign-up form should be returned to your child’s music teacher by January 31st. All choices must be made by January 31st

This week students are bringing home information about all of their options. Please read this information carefully and talk with your child about what they would like to do next year. There are no try- outs for choir, but students will have the opportunity to meet with the choir teachers on January 21st to get an idea of what Middle School Choir will be like.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Amanda Stevenson



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School Nurse Services:

The goal of school nursing is to maximize the health and safety of our students during the school day while minimizing time out of class. Due to this, if a student reports to the clinic with signs or symptoms of a contagious illness the parent or guardian will be called to pick up their student. The school nurse will follow the general guidelines and instruction set by the Indiana State Department of Health, Marion County Health Department, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Signs and symptoms of a contagious illness that students will be sent home for are: temperature of 100 degrees or greater, witnessed vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed rash, eye redness with discharge, etc.

Parents are asked to not send their children to school if the child is experiencing signs or symptoms of a contagious illness. Children sent home from school should stay home until they are fever-free (without medication) or symptom-free for 24 hours.


  • FTCSC does not stock any medications in any clinic. Medication given for the academic success of students, or other medications given for acute or chronic conditions may be administered at school. Please administer one- , two-, or three-time-per-day medication (such as antibiotics) at home. Medication administration forms are available at each school or online, and the parent must also have completed a CHN consent to treat form for students needing medication at school. Written permission must be on file before medication will be administered by the nurses.
  • Per IN Code, all medications must be in the ORIGINAL containers; medication received in a baggie or envelope cannot be given, for the safety of the students.
  • All K-8 parents must bring/pick up medication (prescription or OTC) for their students when medicine must be given during the school day. A physician’s order is necessary in order for an emergency medication (EpiPen or inhaler) to be carried by a student with a life-threatening condition. It is helpful to have a backup of the medication in the clinic.
  • Parents should contact the nurse at their child’s school as to appropriateness of carrying water.
  • Over-the-counter (OTC) medications may be given to students. Please send only a small bottle, due to cabinet space constraints. The label on an OTC serves as the guideline for dosing and frequency, including appropriate duration before a doctor is consulted. If the parent desires a dose or schedule that is different from the label, a physician’s order is necessary to administer. Students less than 12 years of age must have age appropriate children’s medication. Aspirin cannot be given to students, due to risk of Reye’s syndrome—please check labels of various pain relievers and stomach medications to make sure aspirin is not an ingredient. Supplements are never appropriate for school. Medication guidelines are found online.

Here are a few clinic reminders:

  • Any student coming to the clinic must have consent. Please return any consents that are outstanding as soon as possible. Students will not be able to be seen unless it is an emergency without a consent.
  • For grades K-12 all medications must be transported to and from school by a parent or guardian. Medications must not be expired and be in original box and/or have the pharmacy label attached.
  • COUGH DROPS are medication
  • Students must be free of vomiting and diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school and must be fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medication before returning to school.
  • The clinics do not stock any medications.
  • If your child is going to be absent from school please call your child in using the attendance line phone number.
  • Work with your child at home on proper hand washing and coughing and sneezing into their sleeve/elbow.


Parents, please inspect your child regularly for head lice during the school year.

Lice spread from person to person by direct contact or by using another person’s personal items--comb and brush, hat, hair bows, coat, clothes, etc. Head lice are tiny and brownish in color and only live on the human head. They crawl rapidly, but do not fly or jump. The bugs deposit tiny white eggs (nits) on the hair shaft by using sticky “glue” so the eggs do not dislodge easily. Besides visualizing the bugs/eggs, the only symptom of head lice may be head scratching. Most lice-killing products do a good job killing the live lice but they likely do not kill all of the nits. The nits that survive the treatment may hatch and the process may begin again. The importance of egg removal and regular inspection is crucial to avoid reoccurrence. Lice may spread anywhere children gather, such as when playing “dress-up” at home, at ball games where children wear a common helmet/hat, at sleep-overs, on movie seats, at a club meeting (i.e. Girl Scouts etc.), and at day care centers and rarely, schools. Regular inspection of your child’s head enables you to identify a case earlier, resulting in faster eradication and quicker return to school. Please notify the school nurse if you would like more information, need assistance in identifying the louse, or to report that your student has head lice. As with any health condition, only parents may call the school with information about their child. Thanks for your vigilance in the months ahead.

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  • Online payments through PayPams is convenient way to pay for your child's meals.


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Team up with other Acton dads and kids for a quick, before- school breakfast and a 45-minute program of fatherhood and family topics. You’ll take away some great tips and resources to help you be the best Dad you can be, and you’ll strengthen your relationship with your kids at the same time.

It’s fun and it’s FREE! See you there…

Chick Fil a will be available for $5/person

RSVP at www.AllProDad.com/5029

Mother Son Sports Night--January 17th

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7 grades post for parents

9 PTO Meeting

10 Bus Driver Appreciation day

13-17 Kindness Week/Sock Drive

14 Skating Party

17 All Pro Dads

17 Mother Son event

20 MLK Day (make up day if necessary)

30 2nd grade field trip NIFS

31 Folk Dance