Adrian Flores

Job description


A lawyer represents clients in criminal, civil litigation and other legal proceedings. They draw up legal documents to clients or manage and advise clients on a legal transaction. A lawyer may specialize in a singular area or in many areas of law.

Daily Task and Activities
By representing a client in front of a civil court they have to know their civil rights of the individuals. Reads legal documents and summarizes to it's clients.

A lawyer has to go to a 4 year university and then proceed onto law school to earn a doctoral or professional degree.
Preferred Job skills

Some preferred Job skills are good soft skills, active listening, speaking, critical thinking, reading comprehension, and judgement thinking.

Job Outlook

It is predicted that there will be a job growth of 10% in 2012.

Salary of the average lawyer in the us is $113, 530 and $54.00 an hour(2012)

Career Connection

A lawyer does most of its work in a court room, law libraries, business rooms, clients house, offices, and there work hours ranges of 50 hours a week or more.

Career Conection

Career Connection

"True we (lawyers) build no bridges. We raise no towers. We construct no engines We paint no pictures-unless as amateurs for our own principal amusement. There is little of all that we do which the eye of the man can see. But we smooth out difficulties; we relieve stress; we correct mistakes; we take up others men's burden and by our efforts we make possible the peaceful life of men in a peaceful state." - john W. Davis

What i have learned from the quote of John W.Davis is that they are no engineers that build the earth a better place but what they do do is that they correct mistakes of the man that a normal man eyes cannot see.

High School Preparation

Related Courses

You could take in High School is Law, business Management, and some English classes that help you with reading, and critical thinking skills. You can also take an Foreign Languages because this can help you earn/be more successful in life knowing 2 languages because you can serve 2 different speaking clients then just one.

Extra Ciricular Activities

After school you can take clubs that are related to English. This will help you because you can will have more practice on Critical Thinking, Active Listening, Speaking, and Reading Comprehension. You can also join a foreign language class because you can further your second language skills.

Work Volunteer/ Expirience

As your on you summer break you can take an internship or a summer job working at an office where you could be filing paper.



There are many people in high school that you can get reference letters from. The can ask a must trusted teacher at your school that knows your a hard working student that is dedicated and knows you'll be successful in your particular career. This is important because this will help the employer decided what type of worker you are and what to expect from you. Some people that can help as a reference for me will be my eight grade Social Studies teacher Mr. Yatvin because i was always a hard working student that wanted the perfect score/answer in his class, that will always try his bests in his class. Also my Spanish III teacher Mrs. Porro because i will always participate in her class, i will always complete my assignments. Actually she wanted to move me into a higher spanish class because she saw more potential in me. Another good reference letter that i can get will be one of my first soccer coach I first met her as a young soccer player that didn't even know how to kick a ball, but she helped me throughout the way and she never gave up on me because she knows i have what it takes, and she has helped me achieve a high level of soccer where I get invited to play for soccer teams where I don't know anybody but there excellent soocer player.

Post Secondary Plans


Northwestern University- I want to go to this university because they are well known for being one of the best law school in the country. Also because they're one of the hardest schools to get into and just by graduating from there is a step further.

University of Norte Dame- I want to attend this university because they major in the career that i want to go into career. Also because it's a large school and it plays division I soccer and that's a sport i want to do in College

Stanford University- I want to attend this school because it has a large campus and because it is also a big competitor in Division I soccer.

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

For a young student that wants to go into the career of law they can have a afternoon job where they can go to a law office and apply for an internship and you can file documents for the lawyers there. There are many things that you can do that will help you become a successful lawyer.

A Day in the Life - Lawyer