Types of Rocks

By Luke Shaw

Metamorphic Rocks

-Quartzite is a metamorphic rock

-Metamorphic is created by heat and pressure

-Metamorphic comes from the Greek meaning of a word that means to change form

-Phylite is a metamorphic rock too

Sedimentary rocks

-An example of a sedimentary rock is limestone and coal

-The process of a sedimentary rock is weathering,erosion,and deposition

-The process of sediment compacting into sedimentary rock is called compaction

-Sedimentary rocks are found more underground because there is heat and pressure

Igneous Rocks

-Igneous rocks is created from magma and lava

-Granite is an igneous rock

-There is 700 different igneous rocks

-Most of Earth's crust is made out of igneous rocks