Maui, Hawaii

A Wonderful Place To Go!

The Best Rainbows In Town!

In Maui, is best the place to find rainbows. Yes, you don't want it to rain while you are there, but the rain has the best outcome of a great rainbow! It is the prettiest thing you will ever see. The rainbow pops out from the sky and is beautiful. That is why Maui has the best rainbows in town.

The Sunsets Are Beautiful

The sunsets everyday were one of my favorite parts. I looked forward for every night just to see the sunsets. Every night, the sunsets were all different colors. Some nights it was red, pink, purple,blue and many more. Sunsets are cool in Clarkston, Michigan, but they are cooler in Maui, Hawaii!

My Favorites!



I thought Maui was the best trip I have been on so far. I will never forget all the beautiful sites and views. If you go on the trip, I recommend going with you great family, because it will make it 100% better than going by your self!