Chris Christie

By: Iain Mattison

The History of Christie

Chris Christie has been many things: New Jersey governor, U.S. District Attorney of New Jersey from 2002-2008, and campaign counsel in the "Bush for President" campaign back in 2000, and now he's looking to become the president of the United States of America, so let's take a look into the many facets of Chris Christie, and find out what exactly he stands for.
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Christie's Views

Chris has pretty clearly shown his conservative views in many ways, such as his distinct view on abortion:

Secretary Clinton, Answer The Question
This video clearly shows that Governor Christie does not like the idea of abortion, not the recent scandals surrounding it.
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This snapshot also points out how Christie does not believe in the use abortion, excluding special purposes.

Further views

Christie's conservative stance can also be seen in his opinion on the eternally debated plant, marijuana. He says that marijuana is not something that should be legalized, as it is not okay.
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Closing views

The governor's views on gun control, showing that he prefers guns be allowed to the people, are also evidence about his conservative standpoint.
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