Basic Fire Starting

Fire building for the average dummy

Basic Fire Building

As you can see in the diagram you start by gathering tinder (light flammable materials). Next you add your kindling (usually twigs, and or small sticks). From there you will add your larger fuel source (Large pieces of wood). Finally light the tinder with flame, and slowly watch your fire come to life. As the fire gets larger progressivley feed the fire with fuel (wood) to watch your creation grow.
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Types of Fire Building


Tepee: created by the natives of the U.S, this technique is great for a long lasting flame with minimal smoke

Lean-TC: A sturdy base with smaller kindling on the sides! lights very quickly!

Cross Ditch: Fire in which starts under ground, and builds itself up.

Pyramid: All around sturdy fire with layers of cross fitted sticks. Great long lasting fire!

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