Arbor Academy Newsletter

September 2018


We are so excited to begin the 2018-19 school year at Arbor Academy. We are off to a great start this school year. Staff has enjoyed getting to know their students and families. We look forward to an amazing school year. This is our 20th year of operation and we are in the planning stages of a community wide celebration. Look for more details in the coming months.

Arbor Staff Updates

Please welcome back to the Arbor staff, Mary Jones. Mrs. Jones taught at Arbor for 18 years before taking a year off. She is now teaching 4th grade. We are excited to have her back.

Miss Scheve who previously taught 2nd grade has moved to 5th grade. It is nice to have her in the upper elementary building.

Mrs. Sally McKenney has moved back to Title I. She helped out last year and taught 4th grade. She is excited to be back as our Title I teacher.

Mrs. Buffy Bagley-O'Brien was our temporary Title I teacher last school year. She is now our 1st grade teacher.

Miss Michelle McKenney was our long term substitute in 7/8 grade last school year. She is now the official teacher for 7/8 grade.

Paraprofessional Support in Classrooms

Over the last few years you might have noticed that we are using paraprofessionals in the classrooms instead of certified associate teachers. Due to the teacher shortage and to meet the needs of all our students, we are phasing away from paraprofessionals in some of our large classrooms. This school year we have 5 returning paraprofessionals on the Arbor staff. They will now be utilized in ALL classrooms. ALL of our paras will push into ALL of our classrooms and be working with small groups of students during literacy instruction time. Our K-3 classrooms will have two para support along with the teacher during literacy time. The paras will also be visiting EVERY classroom again in the afternoon to offer math support. Mrs. McKenney will be also working with our students who are in need of more support in literacy and math. This new system will utilize our support staff to maximize the learning of all our students. We are excited about this new type of support we can offer our students and can't wait to see all the student academic gains and growth.

Electronic Devices

We are asking that electronic devices from home stay at home. They are the student’s responsibility if brought into the building. Outside devices need to remain powered off and out of site during the entire school day including lunch and recess. All staff are asked to practice consistency with this expectation. Students found using outside devices at school will have them confiscated and returned at the end of the school day or returned to parents if the student repeatedly disregards the expectation. We appreciate your understanding and support of this policy.

Behavioral Expectations (Code of Conduct)

The Academy’s Code of Student Conduct is based on the premise that students require a positive, safe, learning environment that encourages learning without disruption. When a student chooses to disregard the rules of good conduct, they not only reduce their own opportunity to learn, but disrupt the learning process of others. The code of conduct includes the subcategories of social behavior and discipline, inappropriate conduct, after-school detention and unacceptable behavior/disciplinary action.

At the Academy students are expected to:

· be in attendance and punctual each school day

· be in uniform each school day

· demonstrate honesty, courtesy, kindness, and proper respect to all

· demonstrate respect for school property, as well as property of staff members, fellow students and school neighbors

· use language that is deemed acceptable at all times

· obey all classroom and school rules and regulations

· report interference with their ability to participate in and benefit from their educational opportunity

I'm pleased to announce that Mr. Johnson has returned to Arbor as our behavioral specialist with 19 years of experience mostly with Behavior and Positive Behavior Interventions and Discipline. He is very excited to be back at Arbor Academy and is confident the spirit of education is alive and healthy here at Arbor!

Safety Reminder!!!

We would appreciate it if students did not arrive at school in the morning until 8:00 am. We have supervision available at that time. Students are not to be dropped off at the center island between schools. There is absolutely no parking in the fire lane even if it’s only for a brief period. Parents may park in the parking lot or available spaces in the middle island and walk their child to class. For parents dropping off at the K-3 building, please remember to turn left before the CDC drive, and then exit or proceed to the 3-6 building. Small children are present under the CDC canopy quite frequently, and drive thru traffic for school drop off is prohibited. A reminder to parents to please not leave your car unattended in the circle drive between 8:00 – 8:30 am and between 3:00 – 3:35 pm. This allows us to provide a free flow of traffic and to safely unload/load the students into your car.

Arbor Breakfast and Lunch Menu

School Communication

Important Dates to Remember

September 17th-October 5th-NWEA MAP Testing Window

September 28th-Picture Day (wear your uniform)

October 18th-19th-Hearing and Vision Testing

October 24th-McEducator Night from 5-7pm

October 26th-School Carnival (more information will come home soon)

October 31st-Trunk or Treat (more information will come home soon)

November 2nd-NO SCHOOL

Mrs. Brandy Resman-Principal

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions, concerns, or feedback. Thank you in advance for helping to make this a great school year!