WWI (1914-1920)

Emma Duffy & Jaya Koonjbearry

4 Main Causes:

1.) Militarism: strong build up of armed forces to intimidate and threaten other nations. Germany's military led Britain to become involved in the alliance.

2.) Alliances: the work was split into three groups, axis, allies, and neutral. The world was divided into 3 groups.

3.) Imperialism: the ruling or controlling of other people's or mations through annexation, military comquest, or economis domination. Europe took over other nations and they started to want independence.

4.) Nationalism: feeling of intense pride in ones home land, including culture and interest.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand

He was the air to austro-Hungarian thrown. The assassination was known by Serbian officials to hope to start a war. The Austrians asked for the German support while Serbia relied on Russia and France.

Us impact without fighting

The U.S. spread propaganda, to influence opinion, they also sent supplies the allies.

2 Main Events

One was the sinking of the ship, Lusitania, killing 128 Americans and passengers of other countries. Also Germany torpedoed a french passenger ship. The United states told Germany to stop using u-boats but they continued to use them.
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2 Main Events

A German telegram to Mexico promising "lost territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona " if they alliened with the axis. This telegram was intercepted and given to the Americans, also the Germans continued to sink American ships with U-boats.
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