Ancient Chinese and The Mayans

By: Jasmine Griffin

Ancient Chinese Beliefs

The Ancient Chinese had lots of beliefs. They believed in Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Many people in China believed in a lot of different Gods, weather Gods, sky Gods, and on top a higher God who order over other Gods. People believed that their ancestors, grandparents, and their parents changed to Gods when they died. Order is the way to peace. If people just did would do what their declared to do and what they are advice to do then their would be no fighting and no one would be sad.

Ancient Chinese Family and Relationships

Many people believed that their family members were so important. Rich people lived with servants and slaves. Grooms and brides met each other until their wedding day. When peoples grandparents and parents died, they still thought they were in the world as ghosts or spirits watching over the house. Couples didn't pray for their daughters, only for their sons. Girls were only looked for to cook, sew, and care for family. When the women get married they have to be obedience to their father before marriage, their husbands, and their son when their husband dies.

Ancient Chinese and the Mayans

Ancient Chinese Slavery

Close to the end of the Ming Dynasty, there were about 40,000 Chinese catholics. After the opinion war of 1840, Qing Dynasty was pressed to sign unfair deal with Western powers, life the block on the catholic church, and give right to distance preacher. Though christianity has low roots in China it century as way back as the 7th century it is hard. In the nearby day to get a simple picture of the population. As the level of catholics in China have expanded, so, too, have government attempts to fold the movement through sold handed streakily and police spying.If hardly ever physical beat up. Catholic churches filled pain of two most important periods of bombing.

Mayans beliefs

The Mayan are a local Mesoamerican people who spread one of the most latest cultures in the Gods Western Hemisphere earlier than the entrance of the Spanish. Mayan religion was marked by the worship of mother Earth Gods (especially the gods of sun, rain, and corn). Men and women had long lasting hair. When ever the man and women got married they both had to get a tattoo. The crossed eyed was a sign of beauty. They all praised different Gods of nature. Many parents have tried so hard to get their babies crossed eyed by getting all of them to get the attention on an item that hanged in front of their faces. They all liked big noses. Also the tried boards to the back of the infants heads to make their forehead smaller.

Mayans Family

Mayan families lives together. Families took time to honor important gatherings such as birth. When the girls were 3 months old, they would gather the giving of three sones of home earth fireplace. Mens roles included farming and hunting, while there wife weaved and cooked. Their kids helped their moms with the work she had to do. They only went to school if they came from a humble family. They lived in a one roomed hut. The family had to choose how long the man work for his wife and family. The family building would follow one another from up in the air and dragged out families.

Mayans Slavery

Mayans wrote and spoken traditions, several were equivalent in plot and cheerful. Catholics had the Holy Bible that held careful ceremonies which included high speed. Spanish taught the Mayans how to read and write in Spanish. They did that because it was to become the Maya’s skill of Catholic holy and to let them read and write Catholic print. Diego de Landa Planned to change people to Catholics. He thought of jailing and heartbreak a to of people, some samples murdering, them if he saw the mysterious of responsible of going against Catholic church. Many Catholics in different parts of the world praise other Gods.

How Ancient Chinese and the Mayans are alike and different

In conclusions you can see that Ancient Chinese and theMayans have some similar things but mostly different. What they have in common is how the women do all the inside work and men do al the outside work. They are different because Ancient Chinese believes in, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Mayans believe that everyone had big noses and also small foreheads.