Crystal's Corner

June 12, 2015

GOAL #1: Student Growth & Development

Monday I attended Unity Day at LIS. Our elementary PE teachers jump started this a few years ago in an attempt to ease 3rd graders' transition to LIS, getting them into the building and on the grounds as well as having them interact with 3rd graders from other LTPS schools. LIS students lead 3rd grader guests on tours of LIS and the 3rd graders interact in a variety of games. A wonderful and highly successful concept!

This week I attended the day performance of the LES Young Composers. There was also an evening performance of the 24 second grade students who demonstrated their abilities as composers and live performers. Some students premiered songs they had written and others demonstrated their improvisation skills by playing live music for the audience using iPad instruments. The event was part of LES music teacher Dan Beal's LTEF grant: "Jammin' with JamHub." What amazing results happen when you mix elementary students with iPads + Jam Hub! Jo Ann attended also and I hope she was as impressed as I.

Congratulations to all of our senior award winners. It was a packed house!

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Thank you to Kathy Winecoff, NJ School Boards Association Field Rep for her presentation of the Special Education Strategic Plan. The goals and areas of focus that Kathy discussed will be incorporated into the district strategic plan. Speaking of the district strategic plan, Wednesday night marked the official start of the 2015 - 2020 district strategic plan with the adoption of the new goals.

GOAL #3: Local & Global Community

Tom, Sam, Andrew, and I met with Connie Mercer on Monday about a grant in which Connie suggested we become involved so money would flow through to HomeFront. After further review and discussion, we are declining the invitation as we would do things to the letter and demands of the grant and, apparently, that's not the way it's been done in the past.

I attended the Ben Franklin faculty meeting on Monday when Chris Turnbull shared his departure news and next steps with his faculty, Despite the disappointing news, I was pleased with the level of support the staff provided and their eagerness to participate in the search for the next Ben Franklin Principal. Dana Drake will represent the BOE on the interview committee. I think we may have already found a replacement...see the new Mr. Turnbull below!

Tuesday evening I Skyped with other speakers attending the Malta Let Me Learn conference in July. We coordinated key points and logistics.

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GOAL #4: Fiscal Responsibility

Dave Adam and Cindy Westhead, with their LTPSA hats on, met with me today to present their organization's latest proposal. This is in preparation for the June15th negotiations session.

The DDT received and reviewed the three new modified concepts for the Turf Plan from the architects. They are set to discuss these proposals at their next meeting on June 22.


Since the last Corner, I met individually with three principals for their annual review. I tried to finalize some of the paperwork this week, but the week disappeared too quickly and the paperwork remains on my "to do" list!
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