My Picture Project

By Jennifer Garcia (:

Comparison of two families and their style of life.

Every family is unique . Not every family is the same, they may have similarities , but they have differences too. In the pictures above , its shows many similarities and differences between the two families . I chose these two pictures because the families live really far away from each other and because they're not completely different , but they do have similarities.

The Texas family seems to have a good amount of stuff for the number of family members they have. The couple has two children and they have two cars. They also have a pet dog and an average house, not too big and not to small.

The Tokyo family seems to have a lot of stuff and a couple of appliances .The couple has two children, but no pets.They show their clothes , so it might mean something to them. The biggest differences between the families is that the american family holds their bible with them because its important to them. The Japanese family shows their appliances and they are seated at their table that seems different from the american family. They are similar because they have the same amount of family members and they are an average family . They dont live in poverty.