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Funambulist, The Phrase That Best Describes A Rummy Player

Funambulist, The Phrase That Best Describes A Rummy Player

The dictionary is full of words but no other word will be as apt as “Funambulist”. Nevertheless, we hardly bring such words into our day to day practice. So, it will be wiser to begin with the description for this word. Funambulist is the one who walks on tight rope. The aerialist performs the stunt of balancing himself in midair.

What according to you make a funambulist balance himself? How does he achieve a state of equilibrium in mid air? Yes, you are absolutely right. A Funambulist seeks the aid from the log that he carries. It’s just the log that strongly supports his livelihood. Just like a log supports a funambulist, it’s the skill that supports a rummy player. Could you now find the connection between a 13 card rummy player and a funambulist?

A player without skill is like a man in ocean. A skilled 13 Card Indian rummy player will refrain to showcase his reliability on a raft instead he will escape the waves and roars of the sea with his ability to swim against the tide. A player who strives will surely reach the shore.

A variety of card games are derived from the game of rummy. The ultimate agenda of a rummy player is to arrange the cards in such a manner that it forms SETS or RUNS. Most card game follows the same principal with only a slight deviation in the subordinate rules. Indian rummy is one of a kind. A pure SET is formed by arranging cards in sequence and series without the use of JOKER card. Formation of RUNS constitutes arranging of cards with like face value that strictly belong to different family. The family of cards is split into Ace, Spade, Claver and Dice. The dice family is sometimes referred to as diamond family.

The basic rule that pertains to the game of rummy remains the same. Gaining a tight grasp on the game is of hardly any difficulty. Constant and continuous association with the game will undoubtedly bring glory in the life of a rummy enthusiast. You can find a numerous number of instances where the game appears to be one sided, what do you think should be the reason for this? In-depth knowledge of the Online Indian rummy game is the only possible reason. “Luck favors the intellectual”, this is an age old saying that quantifies luck and intelligence. The above axiom holds well with respect to the game of rummy too. Snatching the victory lies in the players discipline and dedication.