Student-Led IEP Meeting

Students are often their own best advocates. Not surprisingly, they are frequently the ones who know what they need and want. This presentation will share strategies to help students present and take more responsibility for most of the process. A student-led IEP is an IEP in which the student with a disability participated in the writing and creattion of any portion of the IEP and/or held a leadership role during the actual IEP meeting.

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 2pm

This is an online event.

Lynn Thibodeau Cyr

Lynn is a Parent Training Coordinator at the Parent Education Network, a project under the Family Network on Disabilities. She has been involved with the public school system and IEPs for over 30 years and enjoys educating parents how to navigate the special education process in the spirit of collaboration. She has raised four children (all required an IEP) and is familiar with the confusion that parents experience.