The Man He Killed

by Amy Jonsson


In the essay i'm writing about, 'The Man He Killed' by Thomas Hardy. This poem is about two enemies that are at war and one of the guys joined up because he didn't have a job and so he could get paid money but when he goes to the war he shoots his fellow down.

The Poems speaker has an unhappy but regretful voice because he is speaking about his life at war with his enemy and how it felt to be in war without a job.

The man he killed as two techniques which are repetition and simile.

in this essay i will show the use of the poetic techniques which include repetition and simile.

Body Paragraph 1

Stanza 1 and 2 includes the poetic techniques of similes. The similes that are in the poem is 'I shot him as he at me'. This simile adds to the poem because it describes like there is a war going on, as to one man shoots one dead and the other guy tries but fails, it makes it also sound more violent and when he speaks to us he thinks about what life will be like at war with other people.

The technique adds to the poems meaning by the setting of this poem, in the war times. There are effects that have occurred within the two stanza's, these effects have made the poem feel like he is talking about what he should of done but instead he did the complete opposite but when he realises that it is war he finds out that it's part of what he has to do. in stanza one is has rhymes, the rhymes included are 'wet' and 'met' and inn rhymes with nipperkin.

Body Paragraph 2

In stanza 3 this introduces repetition, the repetition used is 'I shot him dead because- because he was my foe'. This repetition adds to the poem because it shows that he really didn't know what to say but when this repetition is been said he stutters, he stutters because there was no excuse as to why he shot his fellow down.

There are effects that have occurred within stanza 3 these effects add to the meaning of the poem by the man talking sound like he is in a a different pair of shoes which made him regret what he has done. in the stanza there are rhymes, the rhymes included are 'because' and 'was' which rhyme and 'foe' and 'although' rhyme as well.

Body Paragraph 3

Stanza 4 and 5 introduces one poetic technique which is repetition, the repetition are the words 'is'. The two is words are in stanza five made the ending of the poem sound like he is telling everyone that you shouldn't shoot someone down just because your not from the same country or your a different race.

In both stanzas they both include rhymes. In stanza four, the words 'i' and 'why' rhyme but 'list' and 'traps' don't rhyme.In stanza five the two 'is' a repeating's of themselves and 'down' and 'crown' both rhyme. In these stanzas we can imagine what the man is saying, he could be saying what he would of brought his enemy which would include a drink or to give his enemy money, so that they can both survive and become friends with one another.


Therefore 'The Man He killed' poem has made the guy speaking rethink about what he has done. When he lost his job before hand he needed a new one so he eds up going to the war to fight for his country, when he fights he finds his enemy which he shoots dead. He was pretty angry about the job situation but in the end he talks to us about what he would of done instead of shooting his enemy down.