California Times

By: Jeong-yoon K.

Now 277 year old Jenna Fox lives with Allys. She's survived a terrible car crash and her the only survivor in the accident. We are with Jenna live on the California Times coming live, right here in California.

First-Hand Look at Jenna's Life

CT: We're going to ask you some questions, are you fine with that?

JF: Yes, I'm fine with it.

CT: First question: How exactly did you adapt to a new life when you woke up from the coma?

JF: Well I couldn't feel anything at all for a first, and, well, I cried when I woke up everyday. I didn't know any words but I spoke them without knowing, like breathing.

CT: Second question: Why did you disobey Claire and go to Mr. Bender's house instead of staying at your own house?

JF: I was curious since I didn't know most of this world.

CT: Third question: Why were you upset in the storm at Mr. Bender's house, when you weren't able to catch a bird?

JF: I'd already lost a year and a half and my life already, and I didn't want to waste it. I thought it was a lifetime.

CT: Fourth question: When you were "dating" with Ethan, why did you call Lily a bad word?

JF: Well first off, I didn't know what that word meant. I thought it meant annoying, but it turned out to become something completely different.

CF: Fifth question: when you found out that your hands were artificial why were you mad?

JF: I didn't know it at the time but, I loved my hands. I ached for anyone's loss but, mostly mine out of them.

CF: Sixth question: Why did you break the plates in the kitchen, at all?

JF: Well when I'd heard that from Lily that I wasn't a slave I was mad. They'd done something to me, without asking me, so I decided to go against the flow.

CT: Seventh question: When Lily said that it was an accident and you didn't cause it, why did you just nod?

JF: I just wanted to fell comforted, even though I knew about it. I wondered at that exact moment, what would the police think.

CT: Eighth question: Why did your dad save Kara's and Locke's backups?

JF: So I wouldn't blink out of existence. Just in case my own backup failed to keep the glass ball from spinning.

CT: Ninth question:


CT: Tenth question:


Locke's Inevitable Life

Locke's death

At only age 16 he died by a car accident. Locke Jenkins two weeks after the accident. They had just crashed the a party and they were getting chased afterwards. 16 year old Kara, who also died, was driving in the chase. When they got to a certain sudden turn, Kara went too fast at Route 93 and they fell off. They tumbled on a steep cliff 140 feet, and the car exploded. Locke died two weeks after, without ever gaining conciseness.

The Weather Today

The weather today will be 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

It looks like a storm is going to come on Thurs.

We have a 40 mph winds like it says

It's going to be rain all week

The FSEB Has a Change of Heart

The FSEB decides not only to have a change of heart but also to raise up the bets. Year (UNKNOWN) but 50 years later after Jenna and Allys have becomes recognized as human beings. The FSEB has allowed you to live 10% percent lately. They (Allys and Jenna) are becoming widely recognized as the rebel group.

"We had to make a change for the better good," explains Joe Biden (head of the FSEB). "Not only would there be mad chaos but there will be an uproar."

Citizens have approved of this message. They will have no rebelling whatsoever. They want this system to go on forever and ever in order to live longer, but citizens worry. If too many people start to injure themselves on purpose, then how will we survive. Resources will run out eventually and we will all die.

So I, Billy, have decided to get an inside story on how this system works. By going into a normal city of where the 10 per centers live. It's fairly clean of where I live but, I don't see that many people there, so I decide to talk to one of the people.

"There's not much to do anymore," reports Allys. "Now that Jenna is gone, things have started to go downhill. People want a new leader."

I'm fairly fine with all of these new changes. But there's just one thing that I want to change up. If you were to be able to live that long, your no allowed to get any help. You're gonna be 200 years old, grow up. Though if someone were to break this rule, immediate life in prison in California.