Voyager Voice

PM 10/14/16

Snap-Shot of the Week:

We continued learning about maps this week. We created a large map in our hallway with the other two classrooms! Each day the students created something new for our map. On Monday we created roads using paint rollers. On Tuesday we created rivers and lakes using blue puffy paint. On Thursday we collected leaves to represent trees and on Friday we added our houses and other community buildings to our map! The students enjoyed watching the map fill up each day. The students explored a variety of maps during free choice as well. In our art site, the children worked hard creating the landmarks for our map in the hallway. Our small group site had two activities. The first activity the children created their own key using symbols on a paper map. The second activity had laminated maps that the children could trace the roads and create their own routes. The students continued to add to our map in our dramatic play site and explore the map in our block site as well.
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Important Dates:

October 19th- Picture Day Retakes

October 19/20- Parent-Teacher Conferences

October 21- No School

October 24-


Field Trip to River Trail Nature Center

October 31-

Parade: 1:30-2:00

Party: 2:15-2:45

Mystery Explorer:

This week Hudson's mom was our mystery explorer!
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Snack Schedule:

Monday October 17th: Vivi

Movin' and Groovin':

The children started off with apple yoga! Then they completed an apple picking relay race!

Caring Community:

The Second Step theme of the week is following directions. In Caring Community, we read the book, Know and Follow Rules, which discusses the directions to follow in a variety of areas-school, home, park, etc! We talked about how a direction is usually something we need to do in order to learn and to be safe. We went over a variety of rules we have at school (keep hands to self, listen to the teacher), at home (clean up, be nice to siblings) and at the park (being careful on the equipment, including everyone!) The students chose their own rules for their imaginary castles-discuss the rules in your homes and other ways your children can follow directions (with chores, getting ready in the morning, etc!)

Cooking and Conversation:

This week in Cooking & Conversation we continued our investigation of maps. The students used maps of the classroom to locate the hidden ingredients necessary for a trail mix recipe. To do this, the children worked in small groups to interpret the map key to identify different furniture and areas of the classroom and then hunted for their ingredients. In completing this task the class reviewed the some of the newer vocabulary such as map key and birds eye view as well as spatial concepts such as next to, in front of, behind, and across from. The Young Explorers really seemed to enjoy this week’s activity and did a great job using their new map skills. Have a great weekend!



Jolly Phonics!

We have finished group one and group two in our Jolly Phonics program! We have learned the following sounds, S, A, T, I, P, N, C/K, E, H, R, M, and D! Ask your child to sing you the song, show you the motion, and produce the correct sound that goes along with each letter sound.

Upcoming Theme:

Next week we will wrap up our Map unit and slowly begin our study of Ecosystems! We will learn about the Desert, Arctic Tundra, and the Forest to begin our study!