Come to El Salvador


The capital and major cities

The capital of El Salvador is San Salvador also there 2 major cities are Santa Ana and San Miguel.

Date of independence and from who also official language!

The country gained its independence in 1812 from Spain and its official language is Spanish.

Geographical location

It is in Central America and is in the middle of Honduras and Guatemala also it borders the pacific.

Political info

The type of government is a republic and there leader is Salvador Sánchez Cerén.

Economic info

The currency they use is the US dollar and has a capitalism system plus the import petroleum,fuels and electricity and they import it to the U.S.,Mexico and China. They export coffee, gold and sugar and they export it to the U.S. , Guatemala and Honduras.

Tourist info

People should visit tazumal and the capital city and visit the many other tourist attractions.
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