Kids Take On School Uniforms

What Children Say About Their Clothes

Children Against School Uniforms

Children in schools across the United States are required to wear uniforms in their schools. While some children would say that they like the uniforms, most other children would say that they would like to wear what they want to school. Sometimes, the children might feel too restricted or that they don't get as much choice in what they wear that they want. They might feel like their freedom of speech is being taken away in a sense. Though their clothes don't actually speak, what children wear tells other people what they like, or things that they are involved in.

How Children Represent Themselves

What children wear represents who they are. Many children use their clothes to express to other people what their interests are and what they are involved in. If children are unable to wear what they want to, then how is the quiet kid in the back of the room supposed to express himself to his peers? If he doesn't talk to anyone, there is no way anyone will get to know what he likes or anything he is involved in because he doesn't get to wear what he wants to and represent himself through his clothes.

Stop The Refusal of Children Representing Themselves

Children Don't Want Restrictions

Children do not want to have to wear uniforms in a country where they have to right of freedom of speech.

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