Ancient Phoenicia

Summary of The Phoenician Civilization

Phoenicia was an ancient civilization. It was located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. They were very advanced traders. They were also known for their phonetic alphabet.

The History of Phoenicia By: Meredith Cox

Phoenicia was an ancient civilization. Nobody knows where the Phoenicians originated from. People think they came to the eastern Mediterranean around 3000 BC. One of the events that lead to their success was a new technology that would help them to keep record of things, such a merchants needing to keep record of the goods they sold and debts owed to them.

In the time of 1000 BC and 600 BC the Phoenicians were the best traders of the ancient world. They could build ships that could sail quickly to transport goods. They could sail at night by using the North Star. The most successful era of Phoenician history was the 10th century BC, because the civilizations around them were balanced. Hiram was the King of Tyre at that time.

The Anthropology of Phoenicia By: Roddy Martin

The Phoenicians were a very advanced civilization that ironically was made advanced by being geographically unlucky. They had a tiny country which drove them to trade with many other civilizations. This extensive trading is what then drove them to wake a legacy that has lasted until today (literally because you are reading it). They invented the phonetic alphabet, which means combining different letters to make specific sounds. Instead of having a symbol represent "fish". For example, they would have would have FF-ISH.

The reason they were successful in the trading business was because of what they traded which mostly consisted of finely carved ivory, good quality linen, and purple dye which was very rare in their time period. Another part of their trading success was having sturdy ships. These ships were long gallys that were very sea worthy. They usually had two layers of oars, one over the other and a san! So they could go very fast (for their time period that is). Over all the Phoenicians were geographically unlucky but that drove them to invent their written language to facilitate their trading.

The Archaeology of Phoenicia By: Annabel Hinkle

The Phoenicians walked into the country of Carthage about 5000 years ago. This country is currently the country of Lebanon. The Phoenicians were very intelligent scientifically and were also very good with navigation by the stars. Therefore they were able to build boats and navigate without a map or a compass (if they had one). They were using these boats for trade to help them get a wide variety of things (food, clothes, and other goods). They had wood and cloth to trade. The cloth was dyed reddish-purple by shellfish which they had a big supply of. But this was not the only thing they had to ship of, they had lots more.

Just like us they used they use they used the " North star", but they called it the "pole star". It still had the same purpose. The number one thing they were known for was their alphabet. They were the first civilization to have a phonetic alphabet. That means that they were the first people to be able to combine the sounds of their letters to make words. Another thing they were known for was their cloth that I talked about earlier. Since they had so much of it that was how they got their name. The name means reddish-purple in Greek. They must have wore the cloth a lot if that's how the Phoenicians got their name. That is how an archeoligist may see the Phoenician civilization.

Geography of Phoenicia By: Kaname Ehara and David Kim

The Phoenician civilization was located on the east coast strip of the Mediterranean Sea. They domesticated a lot of civilizations near the Mediterranean Sea. They used their natural resources to make bread, olive oil, wine, beer, and cheese. They traded these using the Mediterranean Sea. They also traded cloth, pottery,and metal goods as well. Phoenicians were not geographically lucky in farmland, but they were geographically lucky in trading and buying, because the Mediterranean Sea was near them. They traded and domesticated around for centries. Now, in the modern world, Phoenician’s land is divided by Syria, Lebanon, and Israel near Mediterranean Sea.