Washington DC trip

Washington DC trip 2016

The Washington monument

In July 4 1948 the first granite stone was laid for the Washington monument. It was finished on October 9,1988. It took 30 years to build it! It was made to honor our first national president George Washington. It is located in Washington DC.

Lincoln memorial Jefferson memorial

The Lincoln and Jefferson memorial were made to honor president Thomas Jefferson an Abe Lincoln. The Lincoln memorial was built between 1914 through 1922. It was built out of marble and coasted a total of 3 million dollars. The Jefferson memorial was built between 1939 through 1943.
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Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial

The Vietnam memorial was built to honor all the solders who dedicated there lives in the Vietnam war. The Vietnam memorial was built to do the same thing. The Vietnam memorial shows shoulders walking through bushes then has a marble next to it with pictures engraved in the wall. The Vietnam memorial shows all the names of all of the shoulders that died during the war.

US captial

The US capital was marked to build by George Washington. It was completed in the 1800s. It is currently under construction for restoring the cracks in the foundation. The purpose of the capital is to house the representatives.

Holocaust, and the American History museum

The holocaust museum shows the history of the holocaust. It has many different exhibits and has lots of history behind it. The American history museum shows how us and the American culture has changed and developed through out the decades .
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Arlington National Cemetery

In the Arlington cemetery there are over 400,000 solders buried there. Some important people that are buried there is john F Kennedy, Audie murphy, Robert F Kennedy, And the tomb of the unknown solders. At JFKs memorial there is a flame that never burns out. The USS Maine was the first American navel ship. Audie murphy also has a grave there.

The White House

The white house was built between 1792 through 1800.It is used to house the president and used as offices

The national zoo

At the national zoo you can find many animals. Some of the animals you can find there is many some animals, elephants, birds ,monkeys ,and lizards. My favorite animal to see were the elephants.
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The dinner cruise

In the diner cruise you will experience a verity of foods with the best view of DCs waterfront. You will be able to listen to music and dance on top of the ship were there will be music and games. The ship has a nice interior and crew complete with hardwood floors inside.

travel and hotel

The 12 hour ride down and back to DC will be one of the funniest parts in the trip. The Driver will make sure that you will be safe during your trip. We went to different rest stops that had nice food courts, The hotel will cater breakfasts and have comfortable rooms with a nice view out the window. The rooms come with a refridrator complementary like towels and shampoo. My group me Justin and Collin had a blast.