Co-Ed sports:should teams/

Schools allow it?

By: Sydnee Weinberg

Imagine you were the only girl on the boys football team; you're quarter back. You go for the ball and catch it, but someone from the other team comes charging at you, someone way bigger than you. He's running... Now he's caught up to you and is ready to tackle you to the ground. Well he does, and you hit your head hard, the next thing you know... you"re laying in the hospital bed wondering what had just happened to you and why you joined the team in the first place. You could hear your mom saying "I told you no" in your head. This is why girls should not play on boys athletic teams because of the differences in skill and strength.

Due to the male hormone androgen, boys develop more muscle mass per unit volume of body mass than girls do.(Contact sports-girls and contact sports)"Thus he will be stronger, able to run faster, throw farther, etc. This is why after the age of 11 or 12, boys and girls compete on separate same-sex teams." As an older sister, I don't think that my two younger sisters should play sports against boys. This is because it could be dangerous. Boys are rough when playing sports, such as contact sports, My sisters could get injured. According to the article, "Contact sports-girls and contact sports" it states that "past puberty, there is no reason for girls against other girls." Once boys reach puberty, in general, it's unfair for boys to compete against girls on equal teams. (Contact sports-girls and contact sports).

Nowhere is it demanded that boys and girls have access to every team or sports the other sex does, only that they have equal access to athletics, and equal support to pursue spot parts. (news day editorial: don't mix boys, girls in sports) "girls should be banned from boys teams.

It's the only truly take and level way to deal with this issue." As stated in News Day Editorial: don't mix boys, girls in sports. In my experience playing in a coed gym class can be tough at times. Boys can get very into the game and play rough. For me it's different playing on a team with boys and girls. For example, if you're playing soccer, it would be awkward to nudge a boy out of the way, but if it was a girl it wouldn't matter as much or be as big of a deal. According to the Newsday editorial: don't mix boys, girls in sports "that's not what equality means. Yet the idea of a hulking speedy 18-year-old boy crashing around on a girls field hockey team wouldn't work either. No solution to thus problem feels right." "So girls are allowed to play boys' sports if they are skilled enough to compete-- as a few are in wrestling, football, and baseball-- can only play girls sports of they're not good enough to excel. (News day editorial: don't mix boys, girls in sports)

Some people argue that girls should be able to play on boys sports teams. It's good for girls to play with boys(same-sex teams) because girls can gain more skill and stream th during a game with boys and girls. Other people argue that it's dangerous for girls to play on boys sports teams. Also, girls can get injured easier when versing a boy larger than them.

Girls don't have sports teams that boys have such as football and wrestling. Girls then try to make the boys sports teams, some girls can play sports against boys. But not all girls can. Some girls can get hurt causing hospital visits.

We should either make girls and boys sports teams. There should be teams of foot ball and wresting, etc. for both genders. We shouldn't have people injured for playing sports, it's supposed to be fun! So, make sure you and your parent/guardian know what your getting into before joining a sport wether it's for school or for an outside team.