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Week of October 12, 2020

Leadership Corner

Hello Nighthawks,

We are concluding our first weeks back with students and we could not be more proud of how successful our return to in person learning has been. We have had a few questions regarding what the contact procedure is for students who have been directly exposed to individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been on our campus. If your student, or their cohort has been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 we will be in direct contact with the parents/guardians of the student. Parents, please make sure your contact information is up to date in Infinite Campus and that you have allowed communications frome Infinite Campus. We are using this system to send our safety updates and communications and it is important that parents and guardians are able to receive these communications.

We have found that some parents are not receiving our communications because they are being sent to SPAM folders. If you have not received communications from us recently, we encourage you to check your SPAM folder.

We want to thank you again for your partnership and cooperation in our first few weeks back to school. Your collaboration and support has made these first few weeks has been paramount to our success!

NVCS Admin Team

Tim Bishop-Executive Director

Mary Baker- K-3 Principal

Marian Hejl-4-8 Principal

Todd Bissell-K-8 Assistant Principal.

K-3 Campus

Note from Mrs. Baker

What an amazing first week it has been with everyone back in person. I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support and dedication. The energy that is in this building is contagious. The walls make a fantastic school, but it is the teachers, staff, and students that make it truly the best school in the world.

Although the pandemic has been very trying, and everyone has a different story to tell at how it has impacted their lives, I get the opportunity to see the good that has come from it. I have seen teachers stretch and grow and learn and shift, and with every step become better, which I didn't think was possible, because our teachers are amazing. I have seen kids truly be genuinely happy to be at school and are so very grateful and kind. They are excited to listen to a story, or do a science experiment, or learn a new song in music. They have adapted to wearing masks and never complain. They are following the expectations with excellence. I have seen parents do things that they did not think were possible, and as a mom myself, I have a stronger understanding of what my kids are learning, because I had to do it with them and I think many parents feel the same way. I have seen our school community come together as strong family and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are #nighthawkstrong.

It is my honor and privilege to serve as your child's principal, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. Also, if you would like to give a shout out to one of our amazing staff members, please shoot me an email.

Driveline Procedures

Please review the attached Driveline procedures. Driveline has been rerouted to go through the dirt lot to the East of the building. Staff will be on hand on Monday to help guide the driveline. If you did not have an opportunity to read through the Driveline Procedures and Expectations or watch the video, please do so.

Our staff works extraordinarily hard to ensure that every child gets to and from their car safely. We need parents/guardians to please follow all of the rules and expectations. This is not only for your child's safety, but the other children and staff as well. Driveline requires an extra dose of patience and understanding. Please be kind and courteous to our staff. They view your child as their own and want to ensure their safety.

If you see anything that is unsafe, please notify a staff member.

Morning Driveline -

When entering the front of school, please merge into one lane. Please have your child ready to unload from the passenger side only. Parents should not get out of their cars during driveline. Need a little more time? Feel free to park in the spots by the field to help unload your child. You will need to walk them to the black chain link fence if you choose this option. Please do not go past the chain-link fence, we are here to help get your kids where they need to be.

Afternoon Driveline -

When entering Driveline in the afternoon, please do not enter from the East. This is unsafe, and your Driveline number will not be entered and you will have to pull out and back into the line. Please stay in two lanes during driveline. When you are stopped in front of the school, please put your car into park. It is critical, that you do not move your car until the staff member in the front of the line tells you to move. This is for the safety of our children and staff. Please stay off of your cell phone during driveline. We need 100% focus during this process. Please remain in your car the entire time. If you need to help your child buckle, please notify a staff member and pull up to the stopping zone.

Crosswalks, Intersections, and Turnarounds

Please do not block crosswalks or intersections. Make sure you stop behind the light at Denver and do not pull into the intersection. Please do not cut into the line at Denver. We need to be setting a good example for our children by modeling patience and rule following. It is best to go down to Boise to get in line for Driveline. Please do not use the parking lot for the apartments across the street as a turn around. It takes only about an additional 1 minute to drive up to the roundabout and circle back around.

Driveline Guidelines

Please refer to this link for driveline guidelines.

Driveline Video

Please refer to this video for Driveline procedure.

K-3 Start and End Times

AM Driveline: 7:30 - 7:50

Start of School: 7:50

End of School: 3:20

PM Driveline: 3:20 - 3:40

Please do not drop off students prior to 7:30. There will be no supervision prior to that time. Thank you for your cooperation.


Parents - YOU have done an amazing job with lunches, and making sure students can open their own packaging. This is a huge help. Please make sure students know if they are having a home lunch or a school lunch each day. It helps with an accurate count for lunch.

Water Bottle

Due to restrictions from COVID, students are unable to use the water fountain at school. Please make sure they bring a water bottle to school every day. This is also important, as milk is not being served with school lunches, so water is the only option for a drink at lunch.

K-3 Virtual Coffee with the Principal

Join Mrs. Baker each Friday at 8:30 a.m. for an informal question and answer time and to hear about all the great things that are happening at NVCS K-3.

Meeting Link

Stem Supply Donation List

If you are interested in donating items to support our Stem Program, check out this sign-up.

4-8 Campus

Message from Principal Hejl


WE DID IT! We ran two different learning models, differentiated start and end schedules, and had ALL of our students in our building this week! We were so happy to get our secondary students back this week and have seen so many wonderful learning moments in the time that they have been with us. Thank you to all of the parents who have reached out with questions, graced us with your patience, and reached out with kind words. My belief that we have the strongest educators the state has to offer at NVCS was reaffirmed this week as we welcomed students back. Our teachers have learned so many new routines and procedures in order to ensure the safe return of our students. Teachers are being faced with many difficult tasks during this school year and it was amazing to move from classroom to classroom and see each teacher making what could be a difficult situation into beautiful learning moments.

I also want to recognize our amazing students! Seeing our students excitement for learning, their humor, and the diligence they invest in their studies was inspiring. All of our staff was reminded of how amazing it is to work with such great students and families! Please remember, if your student, or your family, has needs during these times please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can create a plan for success in the areas where support is needed. If we do not know the need, we cannot assist you.

Thank you again Nighthawk Nation, for helping us have a great second first week back!

Mrs. Hejl

Driveline Procedures

Please review the attached Driveline procedures. We encourage you to pay special attention to the safety procedures of driveline to ensure a safe experience for all involved.
Driveline Procedure Text

Please read the following document to get a better understanding of what the driveline procedure will look like.

4-8 Driveline Flow of Traffic Visual

Please use this image to help understand the different zones and areas of the 4-8 driveline.

4-8 Driveline Video

Please watch the driveline video to get more insight into what driveline will look like when you drop off and pick up your students.

Parent Planning for the First Week Back

  1. On the 1st Day of school, parents are asked to stay in their vehicles during AM and PM driveline.
  2. If you have the need to pick a student up in the afternoon during the school year we will only allow early pick up until 3:00 pm. Past 3:00 pm we will ask that you pick your student up using the driveline. This is to ensure we have one directional flow of pedestrian traffic during our driveline procedure.
  3. Do not drop students off outside of their designated drop off and pick up times (See below)
  4. Please put school supplies in the milk crate you purchased for your child. Your student's backpack should only hold curriculum (books) and Chromebook.
  5. Students will be temperature checked as they enter the building.
  6. Students will be supported to the correct enterance by our support staff and by clear signage placed around the front of the building.

We appreciate your cooperation, support, and continued partnership!

6-8 Grade Hybrid Learning Calendar

Please click here to access the 6-8 Grade Hybrid Learning Calendar.

4-8 Driveline Times and Start and End Times

4th and 5th Grade:

  • AM Driveline: 7:30-7:50
  • School Day Starts at 7:55
  • PM Driveline: 3:15-3:35

6-8 Grade:

  • AM Driveline: 7:50-8:10
  • School Day Starts at 8:15
  • PM Driveline: 3:35-4:00


What if I have two students in seperate driveline schedules?

If you have a students in both groups (siblings) please plan to utilize the earlier AM Driveline schedule and the later PM Driveline schedule. We will hold students in designated areas within our buildings so you do not have to go through the driveline twice.

Water Bottles

Due to restrictions from COVID, students are unable to use the water fountain at school. Please make sure your students bring a water bottle to school every day. This is also important, as milk is not being served with school lunches, so water is the only option for a drink at lunch.

K-8 Important Documents

K-8 Virtual Parent Conferences

We are excited about our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences. This year, we will be offering virtual-only Parent-Teacher conferences. Parent-Teacher Conferences will be October 21 and October 22 from 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. Each conference will last 15 minutes. An email will go out Monday morning with a link for you to sign up for a time with your child's teacher. We ask that if you are a split family, that you do one combined conference. We look forward to partnering with you.

NVCS Return to In-Person Learning Guide

This guide will give you pertinent information about returning to school for in-person learning.

NVCS Parent Expectations for Reporting COVID Exposure

Guidelines for reporting COVID Exposure

K-8 School Supply Lists

Please make sure you are sending your student with the right supplies. Review the 2020-21 school supply lists here.

School Immunizations

School Immunizations went out in Thursday Folders. Families have until October 19th, to return the immunization updates to your child's health office. If you are enrolled in Florida Virtual, you have until December 19.

Florida Virtual Information

Hello Florida Virtual Nighthawks!

Conferences are right around the corner and we will be offering times to meet virtually to discuss school data and student progress in Buzz. These virtual conferences will be held with the Florida Virtual Advisors, NOT the New Vision homeroom teachers. A separate email will be sent on Monday with links to sign up directly with your student's Florida Virtual Advisor. After you sign up for a time, you will receive another email with a unique Google Meeting Link for your virtual conference. You have the option to add this directly to your own Google Calendar (if you have one). Please keep this information safe, you will need it to join the virtual conference at the correct time.

Weekly Update Emails: Each Florida Virtual Advisor sends a weekly update email to both students and parents. These emails contain important information in regards to assignments coming up for the week, helpful video links, and grade level specific information. Please check your email each week for the weekly update.

Website: Please continue to check the Florida Virtual @NVCS Website on a daily basis for announcements and other important information that relates to the Florida Virtual Program.

Counseling Support: If your child is in need of support from one of our counselors, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Anderson at for the K-3 Campus or Ms. Jobman at for the 4-8 Campus.

Thank you,

Florida Virtual @NVCS Team

Picture Retake Day is Coming

Picture Retake Day is coming Monday, October 19 in the AM at the 4-8 campus and PM at the K-3 campus and Tuesday, October 20 in the AM at the 4-8 campus. Picture Retake Day is for students who have not had their picture taken yet and for retakes. Picture retakes will be taken of those who bring their pictures/proofs to school on the day of retakes.

Boys and Girls Club Information

Boys & Girls Clubs of Larimer County is excited to be providing after school and school-day out programming for New Vision students during the 2020-2021 school year. Afterschool programming will begin on September 28 and regular operating hours will be Monday through Friday after school until 6:00 PM. Snacks and meals will be provided daily at no additional cost.

To register and/or learn more, go to: (Click the “Register Here” button under Loveland-Pulliam Club).
Boys and Girls Clubs Services for NVCS Families

Please click on this button to access program details, locations, and costs being offered to NVCS through the Boys and Girls Club.

School Lunch Information

All students will be given free lunch until December 2020. Parents are highly encouraged to complete a free and reduced lunch application to continue free or reduced lunch in January 2021.

Thompson School District Free and Reduced Lunch Application

Student Medication Drop Off

Any parent that has a child that will need medications when we return in person learning will need to coordinate with their building health aide. Please follow the TSD Guidelines for safe med drop off:

  • Send communication to school health aide prior to school starting on when meds will be dropped off

  • Bring meds in the original container to the school you

  • Families will need to complete the Permission for Medication Form filled out by the doctor prescribing. This has to be done for both prescription and over the counter medications.

If you would like to drop medications off prior to the start of school please contact your building's health aide:

K-3 Denise Schultz

4-8 Whitney Champ

NVCS Library Books

We have been so busy collecting, sanitizing and reshelving our books from last year. We are so excited to start the check out process again, but first we need to have all of our books returned and inventoried.

If you have books that belong to NVCS, please bring them to either campus. If it is outside of office hours, just drop it in our mailbox. You will know it is an NVCS book if it has a barcode with our name on it. Most books also have our school stamp on the inside cover.

If you are having trouble locating your books, or they have been destroyed, please let us know. Your honest communication with us will help us to understand what we can expect to come back, and what is gone for good.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our Libraries and the love of reading.

K-8 Student, Parent, and Family Support Services

NVCS Counseling Corner/Services Website Update

Check out the counselor's corner to learn about helpful tools and resources to support you and your student during these unique times!

KidsPak Weekend Hunger Relief Program Offered at NVCS

KidsPak is a weekend hunger relief program run by Loveland Rotary for children and families in the TSD community. KidsPak currently serves 39 schools, including New Vision. NVCS partners with KidsPak by identifying students and families that would benefit from receiving extra food for the weekends. KidsPak partners with Larimer County Food Bank to create a special menu each week, so the food varies week to week. The food packs are delivered to NVCS and given to students in a plastic bag that does not need to be returned.

If your student and family is in need and could benefit from this service please fill out the form below. KidsPak does not require families to meet certain qualifications or provide proof of need. NVCS families utilizing the KidsPak service will be kept confidential.

Interest Survey:

After filling out the survey Ali Anderson, K-3 Counselor, or Erin Jobman, 4-8 Counselor, will be in contact with you.

If you have any questions about the program please reach out to any of the following:

Ali Anderson, K-3 Counselor

Email: or phone 970-593-6827 ex. 2115

Debbie Weber, K-3 Office Manager

Email: or phone 970-593-6827 ex. 2121

Erin Jobman, 4-8 Counselor

Email: phone 970-593-6827 ex. 1207

Sheryl Fahrenbruch, 4-8 Office Manager

Email: or phone 970-593-6827 ex. 1100

New Visions Got Talent!

Do you have a talent that you would love to share with the world? Are you creative, funny, chefy, or athletic and you want the chance to earn the title of Champion for your abilities? Check out the attached flyer to get involved with our first ever virtual talent show! Please contact Mrs. Glasscock ( for more information!
4-8 Grade New Visions Got Talent!

Click here to access the PDF with instructions on how to get involved in this awesome opportunity!

K-8 New Vision Amateur Chefs Club

Calling All Student Chefs!

Are you looking for a way to feel more connected to Nighthawk Nation? Do you enjoy cooking and/or eating delicious food? Then this could be the group for you!

Introducing - The New Vision Amateur Chefs Club! Born out of one teacher's desire to stay connected with her students during quarantine, we are now an official student organization and are thrilled to invite students K-8 to join in on the culinary fun! We are a virtual club, so it is easy to join and participate from the comfort of your own kitchen. For more information and to sign up, please visit our website linked in the button below.

K-8 New Vision Amateur Chefs Club

Click here for more information on the club and to sign up and start your culinary adventure!


We are loving our new app! Access documents, events, news updates, and even emergency notifications, right from your pocket.

Download the app on Android:


NVCS PTO Meeting Minutes

Minute Notes from the September 21, 2020 PTO Board Meeting

NVCS Board Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the September 28, 2020 Board Meeting

New Vision Charter School Board Meeting

Monday, Oct. 26th, 6pm

299 Peridot Avenue

Loveland, CO

Important Dates to Remember

October 16 - Virtual Coffee with the K-3 Principal - 9:00 a.m.. - Google Meeting Link

October 19 - PTO Meeting - 6:00 p.m. Virtual - Google Meeting Link

October 21-22: Parent-Teacher Conferences. These will be held virtually this semester.

October 23: NO SCHOOL --Fall Break

October 26: NVCS Board Meeting - 6:00 p.m.

October 30: NO SCHOOL

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