Mark Twain Book Club Celebration

Zoomobile at CCE

You are invited...

To come to the Mark Twain Book Club Celebration. This means that you read and came to discuss at least four different book club books this school year. I am so proud of your reading accomplishments and your continued commitment to our book club. As a reward I would like to invite you to attend our celebration.

Journey to Survival

To go along with Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen, we will be having some zoo animals visit us at school. We will learn more about survival terms such as endangered, extinct and threatened. We will be able to identify four reasons that lead to endangerment. In the end we will be left with how we can personally help with the survival of animal species today.


Wednesday, May 20th, 1-1:45pm

Cedar Creek Elementary School Library

Please meet me in the library on time so our presentation may begin promptly. Thank you!