Furniture, Product and Lighting Designers (1979- + 1974- + 1970-)
Design Mart – Design Museum Exhibition
20 September 2006 – 7 January 2007

Mid 90s

he mid 1990s began a phase in which amorphous forms predominated in design. After almost a decade, there has been a recent return to the hard edges and precision offered by geometric principles. Whether out of a desire for stability in an increasingly unstable world, or the challenge of creating forthright objects that belie their complex computational formation, designers are again embracing sophisticated geometries. The overriding sense is a maturation of design, and is typified by the work of the young design company, Viable.


Influenced by her degree in physics, Gala Wright’s work explores the interplay of opposing forces. The elegant Delta seating system blurs the boundaries between rigid and flexible structures while the Mekong table – a luminescent globe caught within a glass cube – plays on the optical illusions created by the materials.