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Background on Child Abuse

Child abuse is neglection or physical/sexual harassment of a child. This has become a big issue in the world. One in ten children suffer from child abuse and approximately five die every day due to child abuse. The number of children who died in 2012 due to child abuse was 1,593! Child abuse can also have a long life effect. Children that suffer from child abuse have shown signs of depression and withdrawal symptoms as young as three years of age. Studies showed that child abuse victims that get placed in foster or kinship care because of being abused or not wanted score lower than other students in tests of cognitive capacity, language development, and academic achievement.

Why is it important?

It is important to put a stop to child abuse because it is wrong and it can really impact a kid. Not only do they go through pain when they are getting abused, but afterwards too. Studies showed that child abuse victims are more likely to result in violent behavior, be anti-social and suffer from personality disorder.

How can it be that a hard childhood can ruin a child's future? It is important to put a stop to child abuse, so that children do no have too suffer through this. They should be able to live their life at peace.

Why should you support the stop to Child Abuse?

Supporting the stop to child abuse can affect multiple people. Not just the victim, but the victims family, friends, and even those who are not related to him. Child abuse victims can make bad decisions later in life because of how they suffered when they were a child. This can be dangerous for those living in the community. If the victim results in violent behavior, or makes a bad decision, it could effect them. Furthermore, children should not have to go through child abuse. They still have not lived fully and to have their lives taken as young as one year old, is harsh. A home is supposed to feel like one of the safest places to be, but for some people it is the scariest. That is wrong and it can be prevented.

What can you do?

To help prevent child abuse, you could start by helping people become aware of the situation. Simple things like hanging posters, telling your friends, or even just a family member! If more people become aware, then there can be more done to stop child abuse!


Organization- Jonathan's Place

The Jonathan's Place Foundation is dedicated to helping kids who go through child abuse find a safe, happy home. They provide a nurturing place for kids from newborns to the age of seventeen. Additionally, they provide kids with medical and dental exams, developmental, psychological assessments, therapy, and the opportunity to go to school! Jonathan's Place also has a Foster Program, The Girls Residential Treatment Program, and a Safe Place Program.

Background on Jonathan's Place- Jonathan's Place was founded by Lisa Matthews in 1994. She spent three years conducting research on children’s services in Dallas County, purchasing and remodeling a facility and getting licenses from the State of Texas. Jonathan was the first baby fostered, and sure enough, his foster parent was Lisa. Thanks to the organization, today, Jonathan is in college with his life ahead of him.

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