My Right Dominance

Essence Everidge, Professional Communications: 2

Test Results

I wasn't surprised to find out that I was right brained. Usually I'm very disorganized but, have a good and bright mind.


I need to work on my feelings when I get mad. Usually when someone get's me mad I just go off and let it all out. So I need to try to have self-control over what I say and do when I get angry.
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I'm known for my creativity in my family. It usually has something to do with designing. I love making things and putting things in the right place.
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Usually I'm good with being prepared, but sometimes I just have a mood and don't feel like doing anything. My room is my top priority to be cleaned. My room has to be PERFECT.

To go with my creativity I have a white tiger based room, of course it has to be neat, especially because it's white.


I think I'm pretty good with a lot of things. I'm good at math, I like making things, have big ideas in my head, and I'm okay with my organization. So I am pretty normal and I'm special at the same time.
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