Elementary school teacher

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Tecahers help prepare kids for their future. They teach grades 1-8. That way they will be ready for the life ahead of them such as the outside world.


Elementary school teachers enjoy the challenges and rewards of their work. They like working with children.A disadvantage is the limited number of advancement opportunities.

Education Path!

The teachers need to have a signed certificate from the state and/or government. They also need a bachelors degree. Schools hire those who apply directly. They also contact college placement offices and advertise in newspapers. They then practice their skills by teaching in elementary schools under the supervision of certified teachers. Some schools require previous teaching experience. Teachers move up by receiving pay raises that lest them know that they are becoming a better teacher and learner as well.


Salary ranges from 36,580$-85,700$ a year.

work place?

Teachers can work in various places. They can work in public or private schools or even in a house (homeschooling). Some can work as tutors and help student get better at their education.


Some elementary teachers specialize in areas such as art, music, or physical education. In some schools, two or three teachers work together as teams to teach the students.
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8:00 am -3:30 pm