Is James Town Really Safe?

Blood on the River

Always Think Positive Even in Times of Hardship

In Blood on the River, people in Jamestown go through lots of hard obstacles, and to get through all of it they have to believe they will get through it and think positive. "And it has turned cold-bone-chilling, winter cold. And yet, we have not starved or frozen to death. Instead, our circle has became bigger." This shows that even in bad times the whole colony stuck together and made things seem better by coming together. Another quote that relates is "we start to rebuild right away, with everyone working hard." This shows that they moved on and stayed positive even though something really bad happened to them.

When setting up a new colony in the New World it is not always easy.


Samuel Colliez an orphan boy along with Captain John and a couple other men sailed to the New World to set up a new colony called James Town. Everything seems to be going ok except for a shortage of food when a group of indians called The Powhatan people and their chief Powhatan attack their camp site and leave people injured and dead. This starts a new long rivalry between the James Town people and Powhatans. However, when captain John Smith is taken captive something extraordinary happens Chief Powhatans daughter Pocahontas saves John Smith and makes him part of the Powhatan tribe and supposedly James Town is under Chief Powhatans wing, but can they really trust him?

Elisa Carbone

Elisa Carbone is known for many historical fiction books. Storm Warriors a book that won Virginia's 2002 Jefferson Cup Award and an ALA Notable book. She also wrote Steeling Freedom which won ALA best book for young adults.