The Estates at San Antonio


Renewing Your Lease Today!

We hope you are having a great experience at the Estates! We are so glad you made the Estates your home and we look forward to having you here next year. We know it probably feels like you just moved in, but it’s time to start thinking about your living plans for next year.

5 Reasons why you should renew your lease:

1. It costs over $1200 to move from one property to another.

2. The Estates provides the best in student housing in our area!

  • Great customer service with on-site staff.
  • Biggest bed spaces with the smallest community: Less bed spaces = less noise.

3. Move out day is July 30th.

  • You might be homeless for two weeks.
  • Finals are the same week as move in day at every other apartment.

4. Do you really want to deal with the hassle of packing all of your stuff, cleaning your apartment, moving your stuff back home, and then move into a completely different apartment? Sounds miserable.

5. We have been flooded with requests from students all over San Antonio to live at the Estates. We want you to keep your spot, so renew before it’s too late!

The Estates at San Antonio. Best College Living! Watch video all about it.