Biology Characteristics of Life

by Cameron Baldwin

Before the beginning: Atoms

The atom is the smallest unit of most chemical compounds, which is what is needed to even begin the life of this giant cat.
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The tiger, like any other living thing, is made up of cells. Cells are the building blocks of life, for any living thing. Since the cells of the tiger have a nucleus, they are eukaryotic cells.
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Groups of Cells

Whether its tissues, organs, organ system, etc. All animals have groups of cells to work together to keep the life of the organism alive and well.


Individual living thing.

Ex: SIberian Tiger

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Group of organisms of on type of animal that live in the same area.

Ex: Siberian Tigers populations are located Far East Russia mainly


Populations that live in together in a defined area.
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Community and its nonliving surroundings.
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The part of earth that contains all ecosystems
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