Software for the speech impaired

By: Locken Marron and Kaitlyn Tope

Speech Apps

-Touch Voice


-assistive TTS

-Speak It

-Speak Pad

-Voice Generator

-Tap to Talk

Nova Chat

-A communication system

-An android software

-Thousands of symbols can be added

-Can be programmed for more personal vocabulary

-Touch screen

-Symbols and pictures are available for easier reading


-Less than 1.5 pounds

-When you click on a word the nova chat says it for you


-Communicate by touching symbols photos words and letters

-Click on the thing you want to say and the device will say it for you

-Program it to your personal vocabulary

-Light weight

-Communication device

-The screen can be seen inside and outside

-Talk for 9.5 hours with needing to charge

-Two high quality speakers ensure you will be heard in loud environments and quiet environments

-Camera to catch memories as they happen

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