Wilson Weekly

Week of March 19th, 2018

Welcome Back! I hope you each had some time to rest and recharge... We've got a busy Spring ahead!

Action Items

  • Report Cards - Great timing right? :0 Grades are due in the system by 8:00 Tuesday morning. Please let Mary know if you have any questions.
  • DLI District Meeting - Clear your calendar... Due to a scheduling conflict, Regina has cancelled the DLI meeting scheduled for this coming Thursday.
  • 4th Grade Writing Assistance - Interested in lending a hand in 4th grade? See details below in the email from Casey. They'd love our time/expertise!
  • STAAR Training Modules - From Dr. Hickey - If you will be giving STAAR or assisting in any way, please complete the STAAR training modules (module 1 for everyone and modules 1-3 for new staff) before our training on March 21. Please give me a copy of your certificate(s). Thank you! Use the button below for the link.
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A Few Housekeeping Items...

  • Twitter Chat - Our first "PLC in Your PJs" Twitter Chat is Tuesday evening at 8:00. Even if you're not formally participating, feel free to Join in! The more, the merrier.
  • Flex Hours - We're getting to the time of the year where people start to stress about Flex Hours (18 by the end of April). Please remember to get advanced approval for any hours you'll be submitting from outside of CISD. Looking for some good options? See below for some Math options from Mary Kemper.
  • GT Hours - For new educators required to have their 30 hours... The district has asked us to pass along that they will offer 2 sessions over the summer. Be on the "lookout" when the summer course catalog is published in a few weeks.
  • Summer PD - Speaking of summer Course Catalog... Laurie O'Neill is looking for educators interested in presenting during the summer. If you have a topic/idea that you're passionate about, please email Laurie. You can choose to be compensated or receive flex hours for the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Summer School - Just in case you missed it last Friday, Kelly Mires (HR Director) sent out an email with instructions for applying to teach Summer School.
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Wilson Sensory Room

The Sensory Room is now ready! Please feel free to have kids use the room as a place to take a calming or energizing break. There are many different ways kids can get the sensory input they need...check out some ways in the pictures below! If the light is off in A100, that means the room is available. The only requirement is that a staff member supervise the learners. Let me know if you have questions or need my help! - Kaylyn

Math Flex Hours

From Mary Kemper...

I am excited to share a few mathematics (virtual) professional learning opportunities now available through Schoology! In addition to the topics first introduced on our February 19 professional learning day, educators may also access content on integrating coding in mathematics (in elementary) and Desmos (in grades 5-12)!

Schoology Course Access Code: Q8WM7-ZH2TQ

From February 19 (If you have not already completed these, you are still welcome to do so!):

  • Beyond Vocabulary Acquisition: Capture, Connect, Get Creative - 1 hour of flex credit

  • Inquiry in Mathematics - 1 hour of flex credit

  • CISD Mathematics Response to Intervention System - 1 hour of flex credit


  • Code2Learn Math - 2 hours of flex credit (A big thanks to Brian Timm for his work on the Code2Learn portion!)

  • Desmos: Module 1 - 1 hour of flex credit

The folders in the Schoology course include directions for earning credit for each experience. Steps include posting/uploading content on discussion boards, reflecting on a FlipGrid topic, and submitting a Google form at the end.

This is only the beginning of the Code2Learn and Desmos opportunities - be on the lookout for more!

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Garden Help!

Great News! Peggy Rosson will be helping us in the garden! Please see her email below. You may contact her for lessons or help with a garden lesson you are doing at prosson@PACIFIC.EDU or 209.986.7071.

I will be helping in the garden this spring. Third grade will learn about compost on March 19. There is lots of space for planting -- radishes, lettuce, and soon, beans. Let me know please if you would like to have your class plant some seeds after break.

My garden day will be Monday, and I can arrange some garden time on Wednesdays and most Fridays as I am in the library and Jaime has kindly agreed to share me.

As you work on measurement in your math lessons, the garden layout has many applications for learning measurement and computing area, etc. We might want to know how much compost we would need to cover each bed with 1 " .... or if we wanted to add more gravel to the outside of the beds, how much would we need?

As the weather gets warmer (and hopefully a little dryer), our creative writers could find inspiration in nature by visiting the garden and outdoor classroom.

I look forward to working with you for the rest of the school year. Thanks for your wonderful work as educators. Please use the garden as a learning tool for our Wilson learners.

Thanks, Peggy Rosson

Week At A Glance


  • Welcome back Elisa!
  • 1st Collaborative Team Time
  • PTO Meeting - 6:30


  • Grades Due - 8:00
  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • Twitter Chat - 8:00 - #CoppellPLC


  • 5th Collaborative Team Time (RtI)
  • STAAR Training - 3:30


  • 4th Collaborative Team Time (RtI)
  • DLI District Meeting - CANCELLED


  • Rise & Shine