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January 2019

Senior Edition

Happy new year!

The new semester is here and we're off to a great start. Read on for information on what's happening here at WHS.

Go Tigers!

December Student of the Month

December’s trait is actually two in one: love and caring. We have several students who exhibit a love and caring for others. Student of the month is determined by teacher nominations with final winners picked by guidance. All winners are pictured below.
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Madeline Whitten, Overall

I met Madeline this school year, and wish I had met her earlier as a student. There are times when a person just knows someone exudes good qualities, whether they speak out in class in or if they stay silent in the back. Madeline is one of those people.

Underneath all the biting wit and intellectual sarcasm, there is this caring, compassionate person who demonstrates what empathy means. During class discussions (even when the discussions are more present day current events rather than mythology), when her input is added, it is always considerate of the other viewpoints, or she is able to look at the topic at viewpoints which are different than her own. It takes empathy in order to do that and empathy is a lifeskill that cannot be taught from a text, it is through human emotions and through being able to feel emotions that are at times uncomfortable.

The love and caring aspect of this month's recognition comes from her care and concern for a co-worker (Madeline's AP Lit teacher) who had an unexpected leave of absence. Madeline checked to see how the teacher was doing and it was out of genuine care and concern.

This nomination comes from an event this morning when Madeline approached a group of us in morning hall duty and asked my co-worker how she was doing. Madeline also went on to empathize with the teacher, as she had a family member go through a similar situation. You could tell this was sincere caring for the teacher and how much love and respect this student has for this teacher.

As Madeline walked away the third teacher remarked how sweet and how she could tell it was genuine. Thus prompting me to write this student of the month nomination today for Madeline.

We need more students who exude this level of maturity, love, and caring for others.

Thank you, Madeline, for giving me hope there are more students who have wonderful character traits.

--Connie Feighery

Bradley Sundell, Senior

Every morning, he enters the classroom with a positive attitude and always inquires how I am and he asks how others are. He often offers to buy other students tiger joe and expresses concern when someone is having an off day. I think he legitimately is just an all-around sweet young man!

--Madelyn Sheppard

What's Happening at WHS

Last Year's EOC Results Available

Students were given results from last year's EOCs during Tiger Time on January 11. If you did not receive results, please contact the Main Office or Counseling Office.

WHS Teachers with Perfect Attendance 2nd Quarter

Thirty-three teachers at Waynesville High School had perfect attendance second quarter. This translates to a better education experience for your students. To see a full list of teachers, please visit the 2nd Quarter Perfect Attendance List.

Tiger Preschool Enrollment Begins

Tiger Preschool is a preschool run by High School Students. The Waynesville High School Child Development II class applies their knowledge of the characteristics of play and developmental growth of three, four and five-year-old children as they plan and prepare lessons for the preschoolers in Tiger Preschool.

Preschoolers- children ages 3-5 that are potty trained can now enroll in Tiger Preschool. Forms for enrollment and more information are available of the Waynesville High School Web Site at http://www.waynesville.k12.mo.us/Page/4267. Enrollment forms may also be picked up in either the Freshman Office or the Main Office at the Waynesville High School. The estimated start date is Feb. 21st but may change due to snow days.

Tiger Preschool covers math, science, language, handwriting, music, art, cutting and physical education. This year it is also our goal to add more technology to the classroom. The classroom is equipped with a new smart board and students are hoping to introduce iPads as well.

If you have any questions please contact Chrystal Bohrer at Waynesville High School at cbohrer@waynesville.k12.mo.us.

Attendance Appeals

Students missing more than 5 days will have to submit an attendance appeal. For more information, please call the Main Office.

Counselor's Corner

Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy

Missouri Cadet Patrol Academy is looking for students ages 16-18 with an interest in law enforcement. Qualified students can spend a week in June training with the Missouri Highway Patrol. Students must be a licensed driver and have a current physical to attend. Interested students can get an application from the Counseling Office. The application deadline is February 1, 2019.

Dual Credit

Students enrolled in a dual credit course will be receiving information about the dual credit opportunity during the week of January 14-18. Enrollment forms and payment for dual credit are due February 8 in the Counseling Office. Please contact Ms. Maassen with any questions.

Next ACT and SAT Test Dates

ACT - April 13

Registration deadline - March 6

SAT - March 9

Registration deadline - February 8

January 21 - No School (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day)


Saturday, Jan. 26th, 8-11:45am

200 Gw Lane

Waynesville, MO

Academic Student Achievement Program

Voluntary Academic Assistance program to supplement students who don't get enough help during the week. Please sign up online using the ASAP Sign-up Form.

Add the WHS Events Calendar

(Requires Google Calendar and a Google Account)

Tiger Tip Line - Tell the Tiger!

The Waynesville R-VI School District offers the Tiger Tip Line to report bullying, drugs, fighting, a personal crisis, safety risks, threats, vandalism, and weapons. Students may report safety concerns by at https://www.waynesville.k12.mo.us/Page/9592 or by clicking on the button below.

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