Can you resume a dream?

by: Akorra Rotramel

Why do we dream

It is unknow. Scientists can not find out why. Centuries ago they were trying to figure why we dream, to this day they haven't figured it out. One hypothesis is that dreams are just a way to act out unconscious that takes place in a safe, unreal place.

There are many different levels of sleep 5 is the deepest sleep and you have the most dreams and number 5 you sleep for 8 hours, level 1 is like no sleep and you barely have any dreams and its not good for you to sleep for one hour.

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About dreams

Dont eat, drink or exercise a hour before your bed times, also avoid electronics. Whenever we wake up from sleep in the morning we feel refreshed and ready for a new day. Newborns sleep from 10-18 hours a day. Most middle schoolers and high schoolers don't get enough sleep so usually there body doesn't function properly.

We only remember a little bit of our dream and it is most likely from the last dream you had and the ending of the dream you remember. Some days people say they didn't have a dream last night, but they did a person dreams about a dozen dreams a night, some people might forgot all of them.

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Resuming a dream

Can you resume a dream? Many people ask that according to a scientist, you can resume a dream by not moving at all if you get awaked be something. But that not always true. Heres a little fact about dreams, in the middle ages dreams were called evil.

Everything that is breathing has dream, such as birds and mammals. The reason why we have bad dreams is because of what had happened to you that day.

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