EDUC 4320

Technology for Today's Learners - Dallas Baptist University

Introduction to Educational Technology History and Defining of Educational Technology, State and National Standards

Overview and Objective

  • Identify and understand all TEKS within the teacher candidate's content area that relate to the use of technology in the classroom
  • Understand the history of instructional/educational technology
  • Understand both state and national standards for technology
  • Articulate the needs of today's learner in technology-rich environments

Resources and Readings

The History on Instructional Technology

State and National Standard for Technology

In preparation for our lesson plan assignment, please get familiar with the technology standards for your grade level/certification area. In grades K-8, the State of Texas has Technology Applications TEKS. In grades 9-12, you will use the ISTE Standards for Students. We will spend more time during class looking at these standards.

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