Tarheels/ Team 1 End of Year Info.

June 8, 2015

End of Year Cookout! June 10th 11-1

Beginning at 11 we will be serving the following:
  • hot dogs, chips, cookies, soda and water

If you would like to eat something else that day, please bring your own lunch.

You will also need to bring the following this day:

  • towel/sunscreen/extra water/comfortable clothing

If you donated items please send these in NO LATER than Tuesday so we can have a count and purchase what is necessary.

School Carnival - June 10th 1-2:30

For qualifying students only:
NO Cost!
If students wear their PRIDE shirt they get a treat!
Bathing Suits must be covered with T-shirt and shorts. Boys cannot go shirtless either.
No devices allowed at the reward due to water activities.

End of Year Information

  • Awards Day will be held June 11th at 1:30 in the gymnasium. If your child is receiving an academic award other than A; A/B; Perfect Attendance award, you have been notified via phone call, email or a letter has been mailed to you if we could not reach you via the other two methods. Due to awards not be presented until 1:30 students may want to dress comfortably for the morning and change before the ceremony. Also, if students choose to bring a snack and drink that day they can as well.
  • Lost Lock replacement fee is $3.00. If your child has lost a lock please send in money to cover the cost for next year.
  • Locks will be turned in on June 10th at 2:30 and accounted for.
  • Students will be having Academic Classes through Wednesday so please make sure your child is prepared when they come to school. Students will not need to bring a book bag to school on Thursday, June 11th. However, they will need to bring money that day to purchase lunch or pack a bagged lunch.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be mailed the week of June 18th. Please make sure you send in 2 stamps to receive these by mail, otherwise you will need to pick up the report at school.

EOG scores will also be mailed with your child's report card.