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February 17, 2017

Important Dates

Early Out: February 21

No School: February 23

Science/Art Fair: February 26

Band Solo Night: February 27

Human Growth and Development: March 2-9

Conferences: March 3-7


In reading we have been working on two main ideas and supporting details. We also have started new book clubs and the genre is fantasy. We also just finished researching a space topic with a partner. Everyone did either a poster, Google Slides, picture book etc. After we finished, we shared out with the class.

By: Yrr Einarsdottir and Andrea Chisolm


In writing, we are currently working on opinion writing. For an activity, we agreed or disagreed with different opinion topics. It means if you agree with a sentence that the teacher says, you go to the side you feel is your opinion. The right side means yes, the left side is disagree or no. Then someone shares why they chose that. For example, the sentence is that we should get extra recess. 4 people go on the disagree side, and 17 go on the agree side. They share out why they chose to go on agree or disagree. After people listen to that, they decide if they want to change their mind and go to the other side or stay.

By: Poorvi and Mackay

Poetry Notebook

Right now we are working on Somplace Special in our poetry notebook. It's really good but at the same time it's hard. We have a list of stuff to do. First, we add to table of contents. Then we write 3 words and define them and write in a sentence. Then we write three thick questions. Then we visualize to illustrate.

By: Jack


In math we are learning about mean, median, mode, range, maximum, and minimum. First we take a group of numbers and put them in order. Then we see what the maximum is which means the highest value. Then we see what the minimum is and that’s the smallest value. We are also doing stem and leaf plots. The stem is the number higher than the ones place. The leaf is the number in the ones place. This helps organize it.

By: Conner H and Isabella


In science we are learning about space. In the first week, we talked about stars in Star Lab. We were talking about rotation of the Earth and the moon, and the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, and the moon around the Earth. Now we are learning about the moon phases and the average daylight hours of states and countries.

By: Abdullah and Tea


We are working on how to play soccer and how to handle a soccer ball. After that we’re gonna start practicing basketball. We’re going to learn how to shoot and dribble a basketball. Before we were working on soccer, we were working on hockey and how to not stay in one big clump and how to have to pass the ball to our teammates. We also had fun playing each game.

By: Isaac and Rusul


We are doing the Olympic research, and we pick our own country. We go to CultureGrams and find our information. We also get pictures of the flag, the pinpoint of the country, how many athletes are participating in the Olympics and info about the country. We also cite our sources. That is what we are doing in Computers.

By: Brayden Williams and Connor Zipprian


In music we're learning about Opera. We listened to the voices in Opera. We learned the difference between a play and Orchestra.

By: John


In art we have been doing square 1 art. That's when you draw a picture on a special paper. Then the art teacher sends our drawing to a place where they can put our drawings on multiple objects. Soon we will be starting our clay projects. This is when the art teacher gives us a topic and we make something out of clay that fits into that topic. This years topic is emojis, so we can make any emoji we want!

By: Mei Ling and Mustafa


In Guidance we are learning about how to act in six grade and what to expect in six grade. We learned in six grade you can bring your phone in school. If someone text you a bad picture, you tell an adult or your parents. Another example is if a person says something mean to you have to more mature about it. Overall Guidance is a fun special.

By: Sanja and Enoch


In band with Mrs. Russell, we are working on multiple tasks at once. One of the tasks being our new big band/concert songs, which we received after our last performance. The songs we are working on are: A Little Bit of Latin, Starsplitter Fanfare, and Shark Attack. These songs will be featured at our next concert/assembly. The other feature we’re working on is our Solo Night songs, where each student gets a time to shine. We learn a song out of 2 choices, and play it as a solo. The student will be accompanied by a pianist, and there will be a judge listening as well.

By: Catie B.


In chorus we are learning three songs: Siyahamba (An African song), Rhythm of Life and Patterns of Sound. They are very fun to learn and it is a great opportunity. We are also doing Honor Choir which is a fancy choir that only ten people can get into.

By: Sarah and Lauren

Fun at the Civic Center!

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Spreading Love with our Leaders of the Week!

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