Comparison of World Religions

Zackery White


  • By priests, ministers, monks, and nuns
  • Jesus Christ
  • They believed in god
  • Bible
  • They wanted to tell people about Christianity and Jesus Christ
  • 2 billion people were involved and believed in Christianity
  • There is on,y one god who watches over and cares for his people
  • Jesus Christ was the som of god he died to save humanity from sin his death and resurrection made eternal life possible for others


  • Population of 362 million
  • The Buddha was what they worshiped
  • The founder was Buddha
  • They had sacred texts and Dhammapada
  • Buddhist monks and nuns were there leaders
  • Persons achieve complete peace and happiness (nirvana) by eliminating their attachment to worldly things.
  • Nirvana is reached by following the noble Eightfold
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