Husky Update

January 8, 2015

Habit 1 - Be Proactive

For Adults:
Be Proactive is about taking responsibility for your life. You can't keep blaming everything on your parents or grandparents. Proactive people recognize that they are "response-able." They don't blame genetics, circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. They know they choose their behavior. Reactive people, on the other hand, are often affected by their physical environment. They find external sources to blame for their behavior. If the weather is good, they feel good. If it isn't, it affects their attitude and performance, and they blame the weather. All of these external forces act as stimuli that we respond to. Between the stimulus and the response is your greatest power--you have the freedom to choose your response. One of the most important things you choose is what you say. Your language is a good indicator of how you see yourself. A proactive person uses proactive language--I can, I will, I prefer, etc. A reactive person uses reactive language--I can't, I have to, if only. Reactive people believe they are not responsible for what they say and do--they have no choice. (from

In Kid-Friendly Language: You're in Charge

I am in charge. I take initiative. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I do not blame other for my wrong actions. I do the right thing without being asked, even when no one is looking. (from


  1. Goal Posting:

    Team Goal in your workroom by Monday, January 11

    Individual Professional Goal in your room by Monday, January 11.

    Class Goal(s) in your room by Wednesday, January 13

    Student Goals in Leadership Notebooks/Classroom by Friday, January 15

  2. The Leader in Me Symposium is January 26-28. The Site Visit for Huebner will be on January 27 from 10:30-12:30. Watch for details from the Leader in Me Committee.
  3. Benchmark Window is the week of January 25. We will be taking Math and Reading 3-5, and Writing 4.
  4. IStation Assessment Window: See the email from Jenni for full details.
  5. Morning Duty: Be on time! If you cannot be there, make arrangements with someone on your team to "sub" for you. Your presence keeps our kiddos safe.
  6. Update your class roster in your crisis information. We have had many changes in the last week.

Upcoming Events

Monday, Jan. 11

  • GLC Meeting at 7:00 in the conference room
  • Leadership Team Meeting at 8:00 in the conference room

Tuesday, Jan 12

  • Principal Cohort at RAMEC/321 @ 7:30-9:00
  • Counselor of Counselors/True out all day
  • PTA Executive Board @9:30-10:30 in the library

Wednesday, Jan. 13-College T-shirt day

  • Trinity AP Cohort/Tom out all day
  • Faculty Meeting/PLC/Foundations @ 3:00 in the library
  • Parent Preview of Maturation Video at Oak Meadow @ 5:30-6:30

Friday, Jan. 15

  • Counselor Training (True) @ 7:30-12:00

Monday, Jan. 18 - School Holiday for MLK Day

Tuesday, Jan. 19

  • PTA Council at Piper Bass @ 9:30
Wednesday, Jan. 20-College T-Shirt Day
  • Parent Ed. in the Library @ 11:30
  • SpEd Basketball at Oak Meadow @ 10:00-11:30
  • Staff Meeting in the library @ 3:00
Thursday, Jan. 21
  • 4th and 5th grade classes in the Science Lab (details from Emma)

Friday, Jan. 22 - Recycle Day

  • Eisenhower Visit/Elective Showcase (5th grade)
  • Jenni Stewart off campus all day
Saturday, Jan. 23
  • Super Saturday
Monday, Jan. 25
  • GLC Meeting at 7:00 in the conference room
  • Leadership Team Meeting at 8:00 in the conference room
  • Foundations Training at CLC 212 @ 12:30-4:00 (Berg, Hidalgo,Fawzi, Juarez, Pierce)
Tuesday, Jan. 26
  • Bluebonnet Voting in the Library for 4th and 5th
  • Leader in Me Symposium (Castaneda, Watts, Pierce)
  • Middle School Course Fair at Eisenhower @ 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Jan. 27-Professional Dress
  • Leader in Me Symposium Site Visit at Huebner from 10:30-12:30
  • Staff Meeting in the library @ 3:00
Thursday, Jan. 28-College T Shirt Day
  • Leader in Me Symposium (Castaneda, Watts, Pierce)
  • True at CTC meeting from 8:00-12:30
Friday, Jan. 29-Recycle Day
  • Bluebonnet Celebration in the Library
  • S. True off campus