More Games For A Baby Shower

The baby shower season is fast approaching. Yes, I know, baby showers are thrown throughout the year, but more and more kids are being born May through September, so I thought it a good idea to put down a few tips and tricks that I have come up with over the last 17 years. I have produced a good many baby showers and love to mix it up a bit to give the guests something fresh and new each time. Baby showers as well as wedding showers can get quite redundant and people will be expecting the same old thing each time. Why not surprise them and shake things up with cool games, great swag and some unexpected pampering! It will not only be a memorable event, but your client is bound to get loads of compliments and you may get a number of referrals for not only showers, but dinners, birthdays and weddings.


Must Have Tips!

1. It's about the theme. The theme guides every other decision you'll make regarding the shower, so make sure it's meaningful to the mom-to-be. Sit down with her and find out all of the details from whether it's a boy or girl to her nursery décor/colors to what her personality type is. Is she an "Earthy Girl" or an urban sophisticate? All of this information will be key in helping you design a theme that is personal and an event that is unforgettable. One of my favorite, all around fun themes is a Pickle & Ice Cream Shower. It works whether it's a boy or girl and lends itself to cute invitations and fun food-oriented party games.

2. The first impression. The invitation is your chance to make a great first impression. It introduces the theme and builds excitement and anticipation for the party, so have fun with it! But, don't have so much fun that you make the common mistake of forgetting to include all of the key information everyone needs to get to the party! Every invitation should include: Who the shower is for, what event is being celebrated, date, time and location of the event - including address, and who to RSVP to and their contact information (email and/or phone). If it's OK with the mother-to-be provide the sex and name of the baby and any gift registry information. It's also helpful to include the theme, whether a meal will be included and a map to the shower location. You should, as the event planner, propose invitations that are creative and thematic.

3. Break the ice. Parties can be awkward in the beginning because often the guests don't know each other. You can help overcome this by inviting the expectant mother's closest friends to come early for a small, intimate get-together before the festivities begin. Not only will they feel special for being included but then they will be on hand to greet and mingle with the rest of the guests as they arrive. Be sure to provide cute name tags and an activity that will help break the ice. One way is to pin the name of a famous mother on each guests back without letting them know who it is. Some examples would be Carol Brady, Angelina Jolie or Mother Goose. While they're mingling guests can ask one another "yes" or "no" questions to get clues to who they are. Another fun way to include people of all ages is to have everyone bring their baby picture and have people guess who is who.

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