Marble Chemical Assignment

By: Tyler Herting

Marbles Names

Chemical Name: Calcium Carbonate

Common Name : Marble

Chemical Formula:CaCO3

Uses of Marble

1. Back then people used marble to sculpt and still do since it soft and easy to carve out designs.Many sculptures and graves are made out of this fine material.

2.Marble is also used in construction such as flooring and walls since it is shiny and has a polished look to it people like it in there house.

3. People also use it to make counters and sinks and such since it has a swirl look it adds a cool design to counters and many bathroom items.

4. It also can be used as a polish to polish floors and such.

Physical and chemical propertys of Marble

Since marble is a rock that forms when limestone is heated at a high temperature these things are usually making it up...

1. Clay minerals are usually found in Marble giving its form together,giving it a smooth material that is quite easy to carve.

2.Also it contains substances such as mica, quartz,and pyrite which also help form its rock like structure and keep it steady as well as a swirl look.

3.Finally it holds Graphite which in many cases gives it that shiny polished look even before people go over it and smoothed it down.

Facts about Marble

1. Marble can come in many colors but the primary color is White.

2.Plaster fresco has been used as a marble replacement when marble is too expensive to use.

3.Marble usually lays among the oldest part of the Earth's crust.