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January 29, 2020

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100 Days of School

February 11th, will be our 100th day of school, provided we do not have any snow days before then. Students will celebrate this milestone with their classes as well as participate in a school-wide assembly.

Specialist Updates


In Kindergarten we are starting to read fiction and non-fiction books about dinosaurs. We will begin with T Rex vs Edna (fiction) and Digging Up Dinosaurs (non-fiction).

Grade 1 is beginning our study of Caldecott Medal Winners. Each year since 1938, one picture book is awarded this prestigious award for outstanding artwork. We will begin with Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and Finding Winnie.

Grade 2 is reading books from the biography genre. This month we will read about Snowflake Bentley and My Brother Martin. We will also read an autobiography by Buzz Aldrin.

Grade 3 is studying Greek Myths. We will focus on Why Spiders Spin and Persephone. We are also learning how to find books on the shelf by studying call numbers.

Grade 4 continues our Chris Van Allsburg study. We will read Ben’s Dream and Probuditi.

Grade 5 continues reading about U.S. Presidents. We are now reading about presidents 25 through 30 – William McKinley through Calvin Coolidge, Ken Burns’ non-fiction book gives us interesting historical information.


Happy 2020!

So here is what has been happening in the lab:

Kindergarten: The students are finishing their Sta,ping Books and they soon will be showcased in Seesaw. Kindergarten will be creating creating Wixie pages on Hibernation, Migration and the Jan Brett’s Book The Mitten.

Grade 1: The students are finishing work on the Alphabet charts and moving into coding with “Code Monkey” and the “Foos”.

Grade 2: The students are still working on their Continent Books which should be wrapping up this month. They also will be starting Timelines which will be used in their Ancestry Projects.

Grade 3: The students are putting their final touches on their Wampanoag and Pilgrim Slideshows. These will be posted when they are done. They will then be introduced to Dot and Dash Robots

Grade 4: Grade 4 will be doing some programming in Scratch and will begin exploring with out Lego Wedo kits.

Grade 5: The students will do some coding since we missed the Coding week in December and then they will work with their RoboBee groups to create a comprehensive slideshow of what they experienced using the drones.

Don’t forget to keep their typing practice going. 10 minutes a day will make all the difference. If they are in Grades 3-5, try to re-enforce proper finger positioning and using the Home Row.


K Foods and Nutrition

· What is MyPlate?

· Identify 5 food groups/colors

1 Foods and Nutrition

· Review/Recall MyPlate

· List and identify foods and groups

2 Foods and Nutrition

· Label MyPlate

· List items in the 5 food groups

· Identify Foods for fuel/health

3 Decision Making

· What is a decision?

· How do I make a decision?

4 Decision Making

· Tobacco/Nicotine

· Identify Short/Long term Effects

5 Decision Making/Analyzing Influences

· Tobacco/Nicotine

· Smoking and Society


1st grade music w/ Ms. Belhumeur:

  • Simple rhythms in duple meter - Students are able to decode and label rhythms. They are working on their composition skills using body percussion, and are writing their creative ideas using "rhythm tiles."
  • We're singing about each other with a silly song called "Pizza, Pizza!" Watch out, it has crazy moves, too!!
  • Playing quarter notes and eighth note pairs using simple auxiliary percussion instruments
  • Ask your child about the speedy tongue-twisting song "Sailor, Sailor."
  • We're playing simple circle song games involving turn-taking, collaborative class teamwork, and some strategy.
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Upcoming Events

Sunday Feb 9, 2020- Slater's
SEPAC Parent Social at
Slater’s of Bolton

Tuesday Feb 25, 2020 - Center School - 7:00-9:00pm
Presented by Merri Minnich of Beyond Booksmart

Why do capable children sometimes struggle in school? Oftentimes, the answer lies in developing the essential self-management skills or Executive Function that help students achieve goals and be productive. Parents will learn the 8 skills that students need for success as well as tips and strategies to help their children study more effectively, stay organized, manage time, plan projects and maintain their focus.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - NRHS - auditorium 6:30-9:00
Inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young Autistic man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films.
Expert panel details to follow.

Camps and other community events

Concert at NRHS

The Nashoba Symphonic Band (a band comprised of NRSD students, students from surrounding communities, and adult community members) will host their “Heart of America” concert, featuring Grofe's Mississippi Suite and music by American composers, including Copeland, Davids, and Rodgers that capture the majesty, diversity, and spirit of our nation. The concert will be held Sunday, February 9th at 3 pm in the Nashoba Regional High School Auditorium (12 Green Road, Bolton). Admission is free, but donations are gratefully accepted. The concert is family friendly and there will be a brief intermission with refreshments. From square dances to spirituals to native chants, this concert is guaranteed to take you on a wonderful musical journey that is uniquely American!
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