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April 30, 2021

Resilience and Report Cards

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as "an ability to recover from, or adjust easily, to misfortune or change".

Knights, we applaud your resilience through this year full of pivots to remote learning. We know that for many of you it's not easy to be learning from home; we are so impressed with your commitment, optimism and connection.

Report cards have been emailed to student email accounts. To those of you doing well, please keep going. To those of you who wish you were doing a little better, there is still plenty of time to adjust, recover or re-engage. Stay with us.

Knight in the News: From CTV News

We are very proud of IB student Kerry Yang for her initiative and citizenship!

Many thanks to Mrs. Wuorinen, our IB Coordinator, for overseeing our IB Students' Creativity, Activity and Service Projects--which are an integral part of the character-building component of the IB Program.

Read the article or watch the video here:

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Earth Day: LEP Students Engage with Climate Change

Fridays For Future youth, led by our own Sophia Mathur, called upon everyone to fight for tomorrow and restore our earth.

The theme of their event was drawn from the official Earth Day 2021 theme of "Restore Our Earth."

The group was also featured in the Climate Change documentary, "The Fight For Tomorrow" and are encouraging our community to view the documentaries listed below.

From Fridays for Future:

Leaders of the most polluting countries in the world, including Canada, are meeting at President Joe Biden's Climate Leaders Summit on April 22 and April 23. These world leaders need to hear from us,” say the group. “We take the view that leaders respond to political will. Thus, it is up to all of us to fight for tomorrow and restore our earth.”

ENGLISH: "The Fight For Tomorrow" (March 30, 2021, CityTV). Look for MP Marc Serré, MPP France Gélinas and MPP Jamie West :

FRENCH: FLIP, l'algorithme, S2|Ep#17: De Courir à Changement Climatique (March 18, 2021, TFO). Look for Al Douglas, president of the Climate Risks Institute at Laurentian University

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Lo-Ellen Park IB Year 2, Art Show and Grade 9 Earth Day Art

From Mrs. Catto:

Please find the attached PADLET showcasing the hard work of our IB artists, who, sadly, did not get to have their live show yet again this year.

This art show is the culmination of 2 years of hard work, and represents 40% of the IB final grade. We are extremely proud of the students' work and perseverance.


Click on the link here: or the button below to view.

Click here to view some of the grade 9 art inspired by Earth Day.

Knights Head to Nationals for Science Fair!

Heartfelt congratulations to our young scientists, Kerry Yang, Annika Matusch and Edward Xiong for their incredible science projects. Read about their award-winning work by clicking on the button or the link below.

LEP Leadership Class Presents: Mental Wellness Week

Click on the PDF for more details on what to expect during Wellness Week for our grade 7-9 students.
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