MIDI Designer Limited Time Offer

Original Pricing Extended Until June 21

Limited Time Offer

A New Price

We really love MIDI Designer, which is why we love to hear your feedback about the App. And in responding to your feedback, we've grown a lot. And we'll be continuing to grow at a new price.

A Limited Time Offer

We know that change can be jarring, so we're leaving prices alone for now. The current price of $18.99 for MIDI Designer Pro is a limited time offer.

The New Price

As of June 21, 2013, the new price of $24.99 goes into effect for MIDI Designer Pro. Users that we've polled agree: the new pricing remains a great value for the money, and a fantastic investment in your future.

How We've Grown (and We're Just Getting Started)

Since MIDI Designer was launched in December of 2011, we've grown, but our prices have not. There have been 17 releases since launch, resulting in:

  • Hundreds of new features added
  • Much lower latency in performance
  • Greater flexibility in design
  • Now for iPhone and iPod touch, too

MIDI Designer has been used in thousands of live shows. It's revolutionized workflows in pro and home studios on every continent. And MIDI Designer has replaced costly hardware and inspired people to buy iPads... just to use MD.

But the Community is what we're most proud of. They continue to create and tweak layouts for dozens of hardware and software MIDI targets, including those by Roland, Akai, Line 6, Korg and Moog.

Want to check out MIDI Designer? Try the Lite version for free. It's got 100% of the functionality of MIDI Designer Pro with one small barrier.

The Community Wants More Features

The Community continues to make requests and we continue to respond. We're 17 releases in and we're just getting started. Come aboard.

Limited Time Offer: MIDI Designer Pro is available for $18.99 until June 21, 2013.

MIDI Designer

MIDI Designer is the best-selling MIDI Controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Available in a limited Lite version for free and an unlocked Pro version for $24.99.

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