Where things come back

By John Corey Whaley


Lily, Arkansas is a small town where things come back. John Corey Whaley, the author, describes small town living and all of its wild adventures from the prospective of a character named Cullen witter. Cullen and his family live in the town lily and really know what it is all about because they have been there long enough. When Cullen finds out one day that his younger brother has gone missing, he's is so upset. All of Cullen's family including his mother and father, and Cullen's best friend Libby truett are also so upset and unhappy. No trace of Cullen's brother Gabriel can be found.

Style of book

Where Things Come Back is a fictional account which is told from the alternating first-person perspective of Cullen Witter, and the third person multiple perspectives of supporting characters beginning with Benton Sage. The story starts from Cullen Witter's first-person perspective.