VCR Lesson 6 Presentation

Joseph Scott Jegier

Fill in the blank:

He secretly confronted his brother and ________ him to steal the money from their mom's purse.
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transitive verb

  1. To induce a person in secret to commit a misdeed or a crime.
  2. To induce someone to give a false testimony.


  • bribe
  • instigate
  • incite
  • procure


  • help
  • calm
  • soothe


  • subornation - noun


  • sub - under
  • ornare - equip
  • "secretly incite"

Choose the incorrect usage:

  1. The mob moss suborned the only witness in the case to not testify against him.
  2. The man reported the subornation to the county clerk, and he exposed the mob boss.
  3. The rioter loudly suborned the crowd to start throwing rocks.
  4. She suborned him in the ally to use the gun she gave him to steal from the bank.