Paulina Agredano - August 23 1999 -

Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated

About Me.

My name is Paulina Agredano, and I am 15 years old. I was born on August 23rd of 1999 at Orange, California. I have moved many different times throughout my life time because of my parent's job. We finally Settled down in Elgin, South Carolina in 2008 and we have not moved but once since. I have 3 siblings, my oldest brother's name is Alex, he is 16 years old. I come next and then there's my 2 younger sisters, Tima who is 14 and Valorie who is 3.


I don't necessarily think I'm really caring, but a lot of my friends say that I am. I think I am mostly caring for my family and friends, for example, if a friend came to me with a family issue i would try to do everything in my power to help them because i care, versus someone i don't know it would not necessarily bother me as much. My friend Emily, is always reminding me that i am caring, and i appreciate her acknowledging that.


1972 - My father was born in July.
1977- My Mother was born in March.
1988 - My parents met at my Great grandmother's funeral. (Dad's grandma.)
1997 - My parents were conjoined in marriage in November.

1998 - My parents had their first Child in September. (Alex)
1999 - I was born 3 weeks premature.
2000 - I moved from Orange, CA to Mexico to live with my grandmother.
2001 - World Trade Center was attacked.
2003 - space shuttle Columbia explodes re entering earth's atmosphere.
2004 - I started kindergarten.
2005 - Chief Justice William H Rehnquist passes away after battling thyroid cancer
2008 - First black president was elected.
2011 - Osama Bin Ladin was killed.
2013 - My Oldest cousin was admitted into the US Army.
2013 - I started my first year of High school.


I do not do many after school activities, but i am a part of the youth group at my church, and i participate in different soccer teams throughout the year, i do school soccer, rec soccer, and club soccer.