PHOW After Poster

By: Oliver Schnabel

1) Hollis' outlook on life

In the beginning, Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. She has no family. In the end Hollis is happy to be a part of the Regan family.


Quote: There's four of us instead of five.

2) Hollis with the regans

At first Hollis didn't like the Regans. But later near the end of the book Hollis loves them. And she became part of the family, and after that day her name was Hollis Woods Regans.


Quote: I'v never been happier.

3) Trusting People

At the end, Hollis can trust people more and more people because she has a family that can understand her and help her.

Page: 164

Quote: Be happy Hollis, because I am.

4) Steven And The Relationship With The Old Man

At the end they were fighting a lot. But when Hollis came into the family they stopped fighting and when the do they remember about Hollis.


Quote: Its all her fault, Steven says, and the old man leans over to pat my back.

5) Steven And Hollis

Steven and Hollis really Got along very well But when Josie and Hollis ran away they haven't talked a lot but when Izzy adopted Hollis they got along really well.


Quote: It wasn't Steven's fault.

6) Hollis And The Mustard Lady

When Hollis got adopted, the Mustard Lady can lay back and relax because Hollis is finally gone and now the are trying to get along. At least Hollis is trying.


Quote: I know They're relieved to have me off there hands.

7) Hollis And Herself

At the end of the book Hollis has learned to except herself when she got adopted because now she knows that someone out in the world loves and helps her.


Quote: It wasn't Steven's fault.