Friday, February 7, 2015

Tik Tok: Is the School Day Over Yet?

In 2009, "Tik Tok" was a popular song sung by Ke$ha. Recently, a couple of teachers wrote some new lyrics for the tune. I can relate! Maybe you can too!

A few clips from the song are below.


12 Math Story Problems

Here is a slideshow of 12 math problems. Basic math is all that is needed to solve them, but the problems take quite a few steps. Middle school level.

Smithsonian History Explorer

This site has hundreds of free, innovative online resources on American History. The Smithsonian says, "History Explorer’s resources focus engaging students with history content using “reading” objects. The learning activities include artifacts selected from over 3 million items in the Museum’s collections."


Lego Builder

Educator's Technology posted the following on Jan. 16, 2015:

Below are two useful apps that allow students to engage in creative activities through building and experimenting with Lego bricks.These apps are easy to use and students will definitely enjoy working on them.
1- Lego Builder
This app enables students to easily create models using different Lego pieces. These models can be saved online or can be shared with others.

2- Build with Chrome
Build with Chrome is an app that enables users to create anything they want using Lego Bricks on Google Maps. The process is pretty simple. just pick out a plot on the baseplate which is Google Maps, build whatever you like with Lego bricks, publish it on the map and share it with others.


Students can use the map to locate newspapers from around the world and read them to gain different perspectives on world events. There is a link to translate papers that are published in a foreign language.


Build/Find Online Courses and Lessons

On Versal you can build online courses or lessons that incorporate text documents, images, videos, maps, slideshows, etc. You build it lesson-by-lesson in an easy-to-follow outline. When you add a quiz, you can require that students meet a minimum percentage in order to advance to the next lesson in your course.


Showcase Your Students' Work

Below are three services, suggested and reviewed by Richard Byrne, that your students can use to organize and showcase examples of their best work: